How To Change Ptcl WiFi Password And Name

In this post we will let you know that How to change PTCL Wi-Fi password and name. This post will be helpful for the new users of PTCL Wi-Fi and they do not know about changing the device name and password. If you are new user of PTCL broadband and you are using Wi-Fi modem then you surely want to change your name and password of the Wi-Fi modem you are using. But the question will be raising in your mind is how to change the PTCL Wi-Fi. Because PTCL does not provide you any information about any software or any instructions by which you can change your Wi-Fi password. Here in this post we have provided you all the information’s about changing your Wi-Fi broadband password. All the steps of changing the Wi-Fi Broadband Password are given below:

How To Change Ptcl WiFi Password And Name

1st step:

In first step you have to open your default internet browser for example internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Opera. After opening you have to enter this IP Address on the address bar of browser ( …

How To Change Ptcl WiFi Password And Name

2nd step:

After completing step 1, window security Prompt will appear on your screen and this Prompt will firstly ask you the user name and your password. So there will be nothing difficult just enter the user name of yours and password. Now you must be thinking that what is the user name and the password, SO don’t be worried user name and password is ‘’admin’’ just enter the admin in both the boxes after entering click on the OK button eg,

  • User name: Admin
  • Password: Admin

How To Change Ptcl WiFi Password And Name

If your Device is new model then your username is admin but your password are given below or back of Device. where you can see the pass and enter it.

3rd step:

After the completion of 2nd step PTCL modem configuration will open, now you have to click on wireless menu, which is on the left side site after clicking this, six new options will appear now you will be able to see different menus and bars on the right side of the screen regarding to Wi-Fi security, so now you have to click on the WPA/WAPI paraphrases bar and right new PTCL Wi-Fi broadband password of your choice, after this you have to click on the OK button and then press on Apply/Save button and finally your password will be changed. Now you can feel free and no one can use your Wi-Fi except you .

How To Change Ptcl WiFi Password And Name

How To Change Ptcl WiFi Password And Name



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