Zong Call Packages 2023 Daily, Monthly, Weekly Codes

Zong users can check Zong Call Packages 2023 Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Codes from this website. Zong is offering exciting offers to its customers. A customer can use call, SMS, and the internet at cheap rates not only to their own network but also to other networks too. if their sim is Zong. Today, call has replaced personal meetings and everyone likes to use call packages. For this purpose, Zong has introduced the Zong Daily, weekly, and Monthly Call Packages. A person can activate these call packages by using a single code which is given on the below side of this post in front of each package.

Zong Call Packages 2023 Daily, Monthly, Weekly Codes

Zong user is providing Zong Call Packages Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Codes to its valued customers. All Zong users can choose any call package on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis according to their needs and usage requirements. If you also want to activate any of these daily, weekly, or monthly package then the detail is as follow.
Zong Call Packages 2023 Daily, Monthly, Weekly Codes

Zong Call Packages Daily:

Zong is offering Zong Daily Call Packages 2023 to its customers. These daily call packages are the best Zong packages for calls for those users who use to call on random days. So check the Daily Call Packages of Zong to activate a call package for 24 hours. These call packages are for the Zong numbers.

Package Name  Volume Package Price  Validity  Subscription Code
Zong Daily Shandaar offer Unlimited Zong minutes
800 SMS
50 MB Internet
RS 17+ tax 1 Day *999#

or Write PAK and Send to 5225
Zong 2 hour non-stop Unlimited Zong minutes+
1 GB Internet for 2 hours
RS 10.5 (consumer price) 1 Day *3000#
Zong Daily Voice Offer 20 Zong minutes RS 5 (consumer price) 1 Day *45#
  • Daily offer subscribers will also get 1MB/day.

Zong Call Packages Weekly:

Zong is also offering different Zong Weekly Call Packages 2023 to its customers. A customer has the option to choose from different weekly call packages in which you can get Zong to Zong free minutes and Zong to other networks free minutes. These seven days call packages are best for users who want to activate a package on weekly basis.

Package Name Volume Package Price Validity  Subscription Code
Zong Haftawar Punjab Offer 1000 Zong Minutes, 100 other Network Minutes,
1000 SMS,
3 GB Internet
RS 160 7 days *476#
Zong All in One Offer 5000 Zong to Zong Minutes,
60 Other Network Minutes, 5000 SMS, 4 GB internet
RS 220 (consumer price) 7 Days *707#
Zong Shandar Haftawar Offer 500 Zong Minutes,
40 off net Minutes, 500 SMS
500 MB Internet
RS 120+ tax 7 days *7#
Weekly HLO Unlimited Zong minutes, 100 off-net minutes, 12 GB Internet, Unlimited SMS RS 340 (consumer price) 7 days *70#
  • Weekly Offer subscribers will also get 150 SMS/day.

Zong Call Package Monthly:

Zong is also offering Zong Monthly Call Packages 2023 to its customers. These are the best Zong Call packages. There are different call packages and the customer can subscribe to this package. All the details of these packages like activation codes, package prices, and others are as follow.

Package Name Validity Charges Validity Subscription 
Mahana Voice Offer 100 Zong Minutes Daily Rs. 130 (Consumer Price) 30 Days *36#
Zong Monthly Pro Offer 10,000 Zong Minutes, 600 Other Network Minutes,
10,000 SMS, 40 GB Internet
RS 1249 (Consumer Price) 30 Days *1500#
Zong Super Offer 5000 Zong Minutes, 450 All Network Minutes, 5000 SMS, 30GB Internet (including 6GB Youtube and 4GB WhatsApp) RS 1299 (Consumer Price) 30 Days *4567#
Zong Supreme Offer 5000 Zong Minutes, 350 Other Network Minutes,
5000 SMS, 20 GB Internet
RS 999 (Consumer Price) 30 Days *3030#
Zong super card Unlimited Zong Minutes, 250 Other Network Minutes, Unlimited SMS, 10 GB Internet RS 699 (Consumer Price) 30 Days Dial *50# or Dial *6464# and press 4.
Zong Super Star Offer 3000 Zong minutes, 500 off-net minutes
8 GB Internet, 3000 SMS
RS 575 (Consumer Price) 30 Days *7070#
Shandaar Mahana Offer 1000 Zong Minutes, 100 Off-net minutes, 1 GB Internet, 1000 SMS Rs. 305+ tax 30 days *1000#

Monthly offer subscribers will also get 500 SMS/day.

  • Zong To Zong Call Package Monthly:

    Volume: 100 Zong minutes daily, Charges: Rs. 130 (Consumer Price), Validity: 30 days,
    Activation Code: *36#

Terms & Conditions:

  • These call packages are only applicable for National calls only.
  • For international networks or other local networks, standard charges will be applicable.
  • The call setup charges are Rs.0.15.

If you have any issues you can visit Zong.


How can I get free minutes on Zong?

With SIM Lagao Offer you can get 6000 minutes and SMS for 60 days. If you did not use your SIM for 30 days, insert it into your phone and dial *2244# to enjoy free minutes, SMS, and 4GB data + 4GB WhatsApp for 60 days.

How can I check Zong’s free minutes?

To check the remaining free Zong minutes, dial *2244*2# and after this, the remaining minutes will be on your screen.

What is Zong’s super card?

  • How to activate: Dial *6464# and press 4 or dial *50#.
  • Volume:
    Minutes: Unlimited Onnet and 250 off-net, SMS: Unlimited, Internet: 10 GB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Charges: Rs. 699 Load

How can I activate Zong Gup offer?

  • Subscription Code: *118*1#
  • Charges: Rs.5 incl. tax
  • On-net Minutes: 75
  • SMS: 100
  • How to Unsubscribe: Unsub to 1181

How can I check my Zong HLO offer?

  • Activation Code: *70#
  • Volume: 500 Zong Minutes, 40 off-net Minutes, 500 SMS 500 MB Internet
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Charges: RS 120+ tax

What are the Best Zong call packages?

Following are the best Zong call packages for the day, week, and month.

  • Zong Daily Shandaar Offer:
    Volume: Unlimited Onnet minutes, 800 SMS, 50 MBs, Charges: Rs.17+tax, Validity: 1 day, Activation Code: *999#
  • Zong Weekly All in one:
    Volume: 5000 on-net, 60 off-net, SMS: 5000, Internet: 4GB, Charges: RS 220 (consumer price)
    Validity: 7 days, Activation Code: *707#

Heavy users can activate Zong Call Packages Monthly. How to check Zong Remaining Minutes in Zong Sim is also given and you can check the remaining minutes so that you can stay refrain from losing balance. Zong is The “No. 1” operator in call and data services.

Zong users can check Zong Call Packages 2023 Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Codes which are given on this website. A person can subscribe to any of the above packages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The activation code for these packages is also given here.

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