How To Change Zong Wifi Password 4G Device

Are you using a Zong Wifi 4G device but having a problem with your password? Here I am telling you the complete procedure about your query how to change Zong Wifi password 4G device? When you buy a Zong 4G Device Company gives you a by-default password that is admin / admin later that you may feel the need to change the password of your device due to security reasons. Well it’s not a big deal to change this password as there is just a procedure which anyone can follow to change his / her device password. Moreover there are some important instincts which you also have to keep under the view when you are changing the password. In this article I have written all these details which will lead you on the better ways about the query how to change Zong Wifi password 4G device. Keep on reading this post and scroll down this page to get it.

How To Change Zong Wifi Password 4G Device

How To Change Zong Wifi Password 4G Device

If you are a single user using Zong 4G MBB device then you might not be require for changing the password. In other case if you are using a Wifi device among more than one user then you might require the need for changing the password. Furthermore these days there are lots of Apps and software which can easily hack the Wifi password. So to meet any condition you have to keep on changing the Zong wifi password after every 2 to three weeks.

How to Change Zong Wifi Password 4G Device:

In the following side I have write the method in bullets step by step. You have to hold your device and start this tutorial which I have written down.

  • Plug in your device with your PC or laptop
  • An automatic Zong welcoming page in browser will be open
  • If auto Zong doesn’t opens then you can open your PC’s browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or any other)
  • After opening the browser page you have to enter the IP
  • Now it will ask for a username and password which is by default or you are using already
  • If you didn’t change the by default password yet then you can use admin / admin as username and password

How To Change Zong Wifi Password 4G Device

  • Now you have entered into your Zong 4G device admin page where you can change password or can get any information relating to your device
  • In order to change Zong Wifi password 4G device you have to ……. Go to Settings —-in the System Tool on the left side menu—-Go to Modify Password—-enter the current password and new password—Confirm the password
  • Check with green good to the do not remind after login if password strength is low —- click on apply button and that’s it.

Change Zong Wifi Password 4G Device Tutorial

This is the method about how to change Zong wifi password 4G device. I am hoping that you are all now well known with this procedure and can easily change Zong MBB device 4 wifi passwords. In case of any hurdle or confusion you can ask me from the following comments section.

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