Zong Whatsapp Package 2023 Monthly, Weekly, Daily

In this post, you are getting the Zong Whatsapp Package 2023 Monthly, Weekly, and Daily then you choose the right place. Due to the rise in the use of Whatsapp, Zong has introduced Zong Whatsapp Packages. Zong is the best 4G internet provider and mobile network in Pakistan. The main purpose of preparing these packages is to provide customers with a customized package in which they can only use Zong WhatsApp, thus not wasting their money on purchasing a complete internet package if their only use is Whatsapp. As a result, you will only be paid for the MBs you consume on WhatsApp and not for any other streaming.

Zong Whatsapp Package 2023

Zong has introduced the Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer Activation Code, Unsubscribe. The package prices are given on the following page so that you can check the Zong Whatsapp Packages 2023. All the details of these packages are mentioned, including how to subscribe to the Zong Whatsapp package.

Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer Activation Code, Unsubscribe

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package:

Zong is offering Zong Monthly Whatsapp offer 2023 to its customers. It is also offering a WhatsApp Plus package that offers you minutes along with WhatsApp MBs.  These are one of the best Zong Whatsapp Packages in 2023. The details about these packages are below.

Zong Monthly Package:

Package Price Rs. 80 (consumer price)
Validity 1 Month
Subscription Code *247#
Data Volume 5 GB

Features of this package:

  • You can share and download videos.
  • Audio and video call is allowed.
  • Text and voice messages are also allowed.
  • Sharing and downloading of pictures are also allowed.
  • Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer is also given here. You may check.

Zong Monthly Social Package:

Package Price Rs. 240 (consumer price)
Validity 1 Month
Subscription Code *6000#
 Volume 12 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO
250 Zong minutes + SMS, 50 off-net minutes

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Plus:

Package Price Rs. 160 (consumer price)
Validity 1 Month
Subscription Code *4000#
Volume  5 GB WhatsApp + IMO
200 Zong mins, 200 SMS, 30 off-net mins

Zong Monthly SMS+Whatsapp Package:

Package Price Rs. 75 load
Validity 1 Month
Subscription Code *705#
Volume Every Day 30 MB

500 SMS/Day

Zong Monthly Super Offer:

Package Price Rs. 1299 (consumer price)
Validity 1 Month
Subscription Code *4567#
Volume 30 GB Internet including 4 GB WhatsApp & 6 GB Youtube, 5000 Zong mins & SMS, 450 off-net mins

Zong Monthly Social Mini:

Package Price Rs. 130 (consumer price)
Validity 1 Month
Subscription Code *250#
Data Volume 6 GB WhatsApp + Facebook

Facebook resources will be applied according to Facebook policies.

Zong Family Bundle Package:

Package Price Rs. 2000 (consumer price)
Validity 1 Month
Subscription Code *505#
Volume 40 GB Internet, 10 GBWhatsApp+ Facebook, 600 off-net minutes, 15000 on-net minutes, 15000 SMS

With the Zong WhatsApp’s offer, you can enjoy audio and video calling, chats, images, and video sharing plus downloading from Whatsapp.

Zong Weekly Whatsapp Package Code:

When you subscribe to Zong internet packages, you pay for the whole usage of your data for browsers and other applications. Still, when you subscribe to a Zong Social package, you only pay for the MBs for WhatsApp, and you can only consume the MBs for WhatsApp, but not for other applications or browsers. Keep on reading this post to get the Zong WhatsApp package subscription and unsubscribe procedure.

Package Price Rs. 32 (consumer price)
Validity 1 Week
Subscription Code *702#
Data Volume 200 MB WhatsApp, 1300 SMS/week

Zong WhatsApp Daily Package Code:

Few packages have been offered by Zong company just only for Whatsapp. As well duration of that package that is mentioned below is one day.

Zong Daily SMS+Whatsapp Bundle:

Package Price Rs. 7
Validity One Day
Subscription Code Subscribe to this Bundle from here
Data Volume 30 MB WhatsApp, 500 SMS, and 1MB internet

Zong Daily Social 1.5 GB Data:

Package Price Rs. 23 (Consumer Price)
Validity One Day
Subscription Code *386#
Data Volume 1.5 GB for WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook, IMO

How to Activate Zong Whatsapp Package 2023:

Zong customers can also check How to Activate Zong Whatsapp Package 2023 by dialing its Activation code. The procedure for activating the Zong internet package for Whatsapp usage and you can activate it by following this method.

  • Go to call dialer
  • Dial *6464#
  • Select the daily or monthly Zong Whatsapp package

How to Unsubscribe from Zong WhatsApp Offer:

After activating the offer, if you want to unsubscribe from any offer, then the procedure is very simple. You just have to send an SMS by following the procedure that is given below.

  • Type unsub
  • Send it to 6464
  • You will receive an offer unsubscription code

Terms and Conditions

  • Charges are inclusive of tax which is 14% WHT
  • The package will be automatically ended after completing 24 hours
  • The package will automatically renew
  • When the package has been consumed before the given duration the charges per 1 MB will be applied as per the basic package
  • Sim usage without Biometric verification is a crime

Also, check Zong Social package 2023.


What is the Zong WhatsApp bundle?

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Offer:

  • Volume: 5 GB Whatsapp
  • Price: Rs.80 load
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Subscription Code: *247# and subscribe

How unsubscribe from Zong’s monthly WhatsApp package?

Dial *247# and type “2” and send it to unsubscribe from the offer. You can also unsubscribe by sending a message of UNSUB to 6464.

How can I use WhatsApp for free?

After subscribing to the Zong Monthly Whatsapp offer, you can use the features like audio calls or video calls for free.

How can I check my current Zong package?

Dial *310# to check your current Zong package.

So these are the Zong Whatsapp Package Plus Offer Activation Code, Unsubscribe. You can add your suggestions and comments in the following comments box to suggest to others which Zong 4G package is the best for normal usage.


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