How To Change Evo Wingle Wifi Password

how to change Evo wingle wifi password all detail is available on this page so read all information after this you can get one easy method and through that method, you can able to change Evo Wingle Wifi Password. PTCL was introduced wingle device it is more fastest and has more capability to catch signal so get this if you have EVO USB  or if you not have then do not worry you can also get this new device.  Ptcl introduces new offer that is any EVO USB customer can get EVO devices replaced with a brand new Wingle device at nominal upgrade charges of just RS. 1500 Now we discuss How to change Evo wingle wifi Password.

How To Change Evo Wingle Wifi Password

  • Plug your Wingle USB into a power source; like switch or connect to you Laptop or PC
  • you would automatically be directed to an online user interface.
  • Enter the default username and password “admin” (This is the same for every evo wingle)
  • In next step, Go to Settings ———> Then go to, Wi-Fi security ———> and click on WLAN Basic Settings
  • Now Edit you SSID name & your Wi-Fi key to ensure optimal security

Note: – For old customers who are using EVO wingle since 2013 can follow the following method if only when the above-written method is not working on their device.

Step 1:   Connect your Evo Wingle Wifi Device with Computer or Laptop

Step2:    check your device ESN number that is given on Device Plastic body that is you device Default password.

Step 3:   You can change your Wifi Device key by opening internet explorer

Step 4:   Type  ( click on this and open direct this page)

Step 5:   Enter username and password that is “admin” (Must type in small latter)

Step 6:   Click on “Setting”

Step 7:   Click on WLAN Setting and after this Click on WLAN Basic Setting

Step 8:   Default  Password will be given on front of WPA you can click on below side “show Password” Option

Step 9:   Give any key to that place where default Password is available

Step 10: Click on “Apply” option

Step 11: if you will face any difficulties during Password changing procedure then call on 1218 number

Now we hope you will understand all procedure but for your more clarity we give you one picture where we discuss how to change Evo wingle wifi password one important thing was mentioned that is ESN number in below side these pictures show you ESN number:

How To Change Evo Wingle Wifi Password

Now we will make hope you can understand all procedure. Now in below side, we discuss relevant post like Evo Wingle Recharge methods, Evo Wingle 9.3 Price, Evo Tp-Link 3g routers that all post is fruitful for you so do not miss it check it. So this is all the method about how to change Evo wingle wifi password and I am hoping that you are all now well aware with this method but in case of any further query you can send your comment in the following comment box.


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