Ufone International Call Packages For UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Here we have given you Ufone International Call Packages For UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia also so that you stay connected with your loved ones who are far form you. Ufone is the only network who not only gives you the nationwide low call rates but you can also call abroad in very cheap and reasonable rates with using Ufone . With Ufone you can make international calls with your prepaid number at best ever call rates with the help of this post. Ufone is offering you the most affordable international call rates even after going out from the Pakistan. It is really unbelievable things but it is possible with Ufone. This network is making distance smaller, because whenever you want to contact your loved ones who are far from you just pick up you phone and call them at any time. There are also so many bushiness persons who must need to call abroad so there is not issue for them also they can call through Ufone international low call rates.You can enjoy the lowest call rates to UK, USA & Canada to subscriber this amazing IDD offer.

The destination where you can call without using any package, just you have to buy a new Ufone Sim and can call in the following countries with the rates mentioned below:

Ufone International Call Packages For UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Ufone International Call Packages For Canada, USA, UK

Ufone International Call Packages For UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Bangladesh

Covered Destinations to Call from Ufone

Covered Destinations (Fixed)

Country Destination Rs/min
Afghanistan Fixed 12.99
Australia Fixed 2.2
Bahrain Fixed 9.99
Bangladesh Fixed 8.99
Belgium***** Fixed 3.99
Brazil Fixed 11.95
China Fixed 2.2
Denmark Fixed 2.2
Egypt Fixed 16.99
France Fixed 2.2
Germany* Fixed 2.2
Greece Fixed 3.99
Hong Kong Fixed 2.2
India Fixed 8.99
Indonesia Fixed 8.99
Iran Fixed 12.99
Iraq Fixed 25
Ireland Fixed 3.99
Italy*** Fixed 2.2
Japan Fixed 3.99
Jordan Fixed 12.99
Kuwait Fixed 8.99
Malaysia Fixed 3.99
Netherlands Fixed 2.2
Norway Fixed 2.2
Oman Fixed 10.99
Philippines Fixed 16.99
Qatar Fixed 12.99
Russian Federation Fixed 8.99
Saudi Arabia Fixed 8.99
South Africa Fixed 8.99
South Korea Fixed 3.99
Spain Fixed 2.2
Sri Lanka Fixed 8.99
Sweden Fixed 5
Thailand Fixed 8.99
Turkey Fixed 8.99
UAE Fixed 11.50
UK** Fixed 2.2
USA/Canada Fixed 2.2
Uzbekistan Fixed 16.99
Yemen Fixed 16.99

Covered Destinations (Mobile)

Country Destination Rs/min
**UK Mobile 12.99
Afghanistan Mobile 17.95
Australia Mobile 12.99
Bahrain Mobile 9.99
Bangladesh Mobile 9.99
Belgium***** Mobile 16.99
Brazil Mobile 17.93
China Mobile 2.2
Denmark Mobile 16.99
Egypt Mobile 16.99
France Mobile 12.99
Germany Mobile 16.99
Greece Mobile 16.99
Hong Kong Mobile 2.2
India Mobile 9.99
Indonesia Mobile 16.99
Iran Mobile 12.99
Iraq Mobile 25
Ireland Mobile 29.99
Italy Mobile 16.99
Japan Mobile 12.99
Jordan Mobile 16.99
Kuwait Mobile 9.99
Malaysia Mobile 9.99
Netherlands Mobile 16.99
Norway Mobile 16.99
Oman Mobile 19.99
Philippines Mobile 12.99
Qatar Mobile 16.99
Russian Federation^ Mobile 25.00
Saudi Arabia Mobile 9.98
South Africa Mobile 16.99
South Korea Mobile 10.99
Spain Mobile 16.99
Sri Lanka Mobile 10.99
Sweden Mobile 15
Thailand Mobile 9.99
Turkey Mobile 12.99
UAE Mobile 11.50
USA/Canada Mobile 2.2
Uzbekistan Mobile 16.99
Yemen Mobile 16.99

All the above given packages are very useful and must be enjoyed, with the help of these Ufone International Call Packages For UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia you can call your far relatives in low call rates . As Ufone was the third mobile operator to enter Pakistani market and earned a lot of fame in a little time indeed . Ufone is also known as PTML, it is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider.  It commenced its operation under the brand name of Ufone from Islamabad on January 29, 2016. PTML is the only subsidiary of PTCL. In this Era Ufone is the largest GSM service provider among all in tern of subscriber base of over 24 millions . PTML has a name in all over the world, it was also awarded a free GSM license in the year of 1999.

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