What Should We Do Being A Pakistani Essay

Do you know what should we do being a Pakistani essay? On 14th August 1947 Pakistan came into being with the hard efforts and struggle of the Muslims and Muslim rulers. Pakista strive day and night in getting the separate homeland and for that reason they have to lose the blood of many of their loved ones and closed mates. No doubt that today Pakistan is counted among those countries who are known for their power and strenght. Since the year 1947 Pakistan has made progress in many developnments and sectors in various fields adding in line with Nuclear developments, Constitutional developments, Educational developments, Technological developments, Agricultural developments in addition to many additional developments in a variety of sectors.

What Should We Do Being A Pakistani Essay

What Should We Do Being A Pakistani Essay

Is Pakistan A Progressive Country?

                         Well we all know that so far all the progress that Pakistan has made-is impressive but at the same time this progress is slow and steady. If we talk about the GDP of Pakistan then Pakistan is on the 135th spot out of 185 countries whose inflation rate is 12%. Agricultural sector of Pakistan is many progress at a very high speed but they are making progress at a very low rates. They are making great sum of progress in the export category. We can clearly see the bright future of Pakistan that is all found to be possible with the help of coming youth generation of Pakistan. But there is stil some need to bring revolutionary changes in the political system that will eventually going to bring some change in the educational System as well.

Apart from it in the progress of Pakistan media is playing one of the major roles as well. It is all striving hard to show the image of educational standards in unlike division of the country. They are pointing out the corruption and terrorism that is taking place in every single hook and corner of Pakistan. Today Pakistan citizens are fully aware from the economic and political news related with their country such as gas agreement by means of Iran, giving away the Gawadar port to china and shaping up harmony dialogues in the company of the terrorist in support of bringing peace in the country.

Pakistan is not just facing the trouble of terrorism but even the unemployment and economic crisis as well. If we will be giving equal attention to all the sectors then there is no such power that can stop us to be the powerful country on this planet.

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