Mera Pyara Watan Pakistan Essay In Urdu

Matric students prepare essay for Urdu papers and one of an important topic is “Mera Pyara Watan Pakistan essay in Urdu” and also called essay on my country Pakistan in Urdu. You can also learn patriotism essay translation in Urdu. Pakistan is our beloved country and there are lots of reasons behind my love with Pakistan. First of all, we gain this country on the name of Islam after giving great scarifying. If we take a flash back to the days and circumstances of Muslims before the formation of Pakistan then we will realize that how they were bounded to even live their life freely. People were living in subcontinent together with Hindus and Muslims but there was a big clash was lying among both these religions. Hindus considers Cow as their God while Muslims use to eat its meat. Similarly there were lots of differences were there among both these nations. Hindu events and rules of life were totally against the Islam. Beside this there were lots of other reasons behind our demand for having a separate home below image write in Urdu on the topic of essay on my country Pakistan in Urdu

Mera Pyara Watan Pakistan Essay In Urdu

Mera Pyara Watan Pakistan Essay In Urdu

Below when page is giving you mera Pyara watan Pakistan essay in Urdu for matric 10th class students. you can write this essay into your won wording with editing to write a unique essay in paper or test and to gain good marks.

Muslims were not allowed to get a Government job, their child were not taking admission in schools and colleges. Hindus were making hurdles in their life even the British were also against Islam and were boosting the Hindus to do what they are doing. So in all these hurdles only Quaid-e-Azam was the leader who hold the rope of Muslim nation and put the ideology of getting new and separate country. Allama Muhammad Iqbal is the second name in the main personality who took a major part in Pakistan’s formation. Allama Iqbal saw a dream and Quaid e Azam with his complete team of other leader like Sir Syed Ali Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar and of course the youth of Muslims to make this dream come true right on 14th August, 1947.

Now we are independently living our life under Islam way to live. We are not behind to any country or nation. We have cluster of educational institutes, we have our Law, and we have a clear path in front of us through which we can bring our home land more successful and stronger than before.

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