Shehri Aur Dahi Zindagi In Urdu Essay

Here I have made the topic of Shehri aur Dahi Zindagi in Urdu essay. You can also prepare this essay as the difference between village and city life with the analysis of advantages and disadvantages. If the city life is better to the village life then a rural community is far better than to the urban. Here I would also like to tell you that the 55% of population is living in villages while the 25% population of Pakistan is living in cities. No doubt the urban peoples have each and every facility of life which one can avail according to his budget and resources. Citizens have modern schools, colleges and universities, latest technologies and all other necessities which make the life easier. On the other side the rural community has not better system of roads, sanitations, schools and colleges even there are so many villages are  yet in Pakistan where the electricity or sui-gas is not reachable. But the comparison between city and village life is compare when we see a rural person more healthy and happy then to a person living in the city.
shehri aur dehati zindagi essay in urdu are given below on the image you can get

Shehri Aur Dahi Zindagi In Urdu Essay

shehri aur dahi zindagi in Urdu essay shehri aur dahi zindagi in Urdu essay For Matric 10th Class

So the comparison starts with the necessities of life to the end of heartwarming comfort. These days the advancement in technology claims to make the world global but did they have develop a global village? Of course not! We are well aware with the upcoming segment on some television channel or we are also well known with the circumstances around political views and other circumstances but we are even not aware with our neighbor condition. It is the worse drawback of city life.  Beside this, Shehri or dahi zindagi in Urdu essay is written in the following passages. You can save or write these details in your own wording to prepare for the exams.

Hence I have written my own reviews about this topic of Shehri aur dahi Zindagi in Urdu essay. You can add more into this essay about your own reviews to make this essay unique. This essay is written for matric and inters level students to prepare their exams and test sessions.

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