Overpopulation In Pakistan Essay

We all know that Pakistan is known out to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world. If we look back in the past then the population of Pakistan in the year 1994 was estimated to be 126 million. At that time of year Pakistan was counted to be the ninth most populous country of the world. It has been founded that almost 2 percent of the world’s population living on top of less than 0.7 percent of the world’s land. Today the population growth of Pakistahn is captured to be one ofteh highest in the whole world. It is officially estimated at 3.1 percent per year increase in the populationof Pakistan. But now this percentage has travelled in the limit of 3.3 percent per year as many planners have been involved in population programs.

Overpopulation In Pakistan Essay

Overpopulation In Pakistan Essay

About Overpopulation In Pakistan:

                 If we talk about the latest survey, Pakistan’s population has reached up to 174.59 Million. In this way Pakistan is following Russia and Brazil in the population growth that is quite disturbing situation. It has been estimated that in the year 2023 Pakistan population will going to reach 208 Million. Even today as well almost 20% of our population is witnessed to be living below international poverty line earning in the region of 1.25 $ per day.

Following are some of the main causes that are giving high rise to the over-population in Pakistan:

  1. One of the main reasons of the over-population in Pakistan is the unbalanced growth rate. In Pakistan people are not well aware from he concept of the family planning and this is the main root cause that give rise to the over-population.
  2. Government is not setting up the enough budgets that will let the people know about the concept of population growth. People belonging to the rural areas are not aware from the disadvantages of extra ordinary birth rate.
  3. Above all we have so far captured that most of the people are moving their ways in the cities that is making the villages less-populated. In this way in order to increase the population of the villages the families are raising the children without any planning.

According to the reports that have been conducted by the Ministry of Health Pakistan it has been captured that there were 13,937 health institutions in the country adding with 945 hospitals, 4,755 dispensaries, 5,349 Basic Health Units (mostly in rural areas), 903 Mother and Child Care Centers, 562 rural health centers and 290 TB centers. Well all in all we would say that special measures have to be taken to control the increase of population as quickly as possible.

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