PESCO Online Bill 2023 Check Online View

The PESCO Online Bill 2023 Check Online View you are viewing on this page is the online view of the PESCO 2023 online bill. As a part of this article, we will present you with all details and procedures needed to locate your bill online by using the following means. This is a reality: before the technology sector boom, these types of services were not available and people had to manually visit the electricity office to get their duplicate bills. With the technology enhancement, this department has also adopted the online system, and now it is offering online bill service to its customers. Now a person can get an online duplicate bill in case he or she has not received their bill yet.

The PESCO duplicate bill 2023 checking procedure is very simple, and if you have internet access, you can check and print the bill at home. If you don’t have internet access, then you can visit your nearest net cafe to get your duplicate bill.

PESCO Online Bill 2023 

The Peshawar Electric Supply Company is offering the PESCO Online Bill 2023 Check Online Procedure to its customers. All electricity users from Peshawar who are using electricity can also check their previous bills online for any purpose and can as well. On this website, we are sharing the PESCO Duplicate Bill 2023 checking procedure.

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Pesco Online Bill Check By Name

For the knowledge of the customers, you can check PESCO online bill check by name because they have introduced some new features for the facilitation of the people who are using PESCO electricity. Further, visit the official page of PESCO and then enter the name, and father’s name.

Pesco Bill Check By CNIC

If the meter on your name and want to check the bill online through CNIC that is possible to take the information about the monthly bill. Further, you can visit the nearest PESCO office and check bills by CNIC.

Pesco Online Bill Payment

People can submit the bill online through the bank’s app. Almost every bank gives the online bill option to the customers. Further, in the future, if PESCO company introduces a new method of bill online payment, then we will share it on this page.

Pesco Online Bill Check By Meter Number

When the company issued the meter then write some special number on the meter. We can say this is meter ID. Moreover, those people who do know how to check bills online now can check from the meter.

  • Open the official page of PESCO.
  • Give the meter number
  • Click on the enter button
  • Your bill will show on your screen.

Pesco Online Bill Calculator 2023

Now, they have introduced the PESCO online bill calculator 2023 for the facilitation of the people and now consumers can check the bill and calculate according to units. Moreover, this is the best option because before issuing a bill people can check the price. In addition, sometimes due to system error people can calculate and correct the bill amount.

Pesco Online Apply For Meter

Those people who want a new meter now can apply online and submit the application. Follow below the steps and then apply.

PESCO Online Bill Check Online View Download

Pesco Bill Check Online

Those who are looking for the PESCO online bill 2023 checking method can check it from this website. The complete method to check your electric bill online is given below.

  • Visit the official website of PESCO or directly Click Here
  • After this step, you can get a new page with one other window
  • you can see the Reference Number with the blank bar
  • On that blank bar put 14 digits Numeric number
  • When you add 14 digit numbers then keep in mind type numbers without any spaces
  • After this step click on the submit button to check your bill online
After all, through these steps, you can get PESCO Online Bill 2023 Check Online View  Through this procedure, you can also get a Peshawar Electric Supply Company duplicate bill copy and a record of your connection and consumption. Most of the time, this process is used fully for those who are going to buy a new home or commercial property in Peshawar and who want to get the legal history of this connection must visit this website once to check PESCO online duplicate bill 2023.
This is the easiest procedure for getting the online bill that you can also print out and use to pay your bill at any bank by using this duplicated copy of this PESCO bill. The other procedure, which is to check the bill from the official website, is also given on this website. So, stay tuned with us for more informative posts.


How Do I Check My PESCO Bill Online?
  • To check the PESCO Bill online, Click HERE.
  • You will reach the website of PESCO.
  • Now put your 14 digits reference number.
  • Click the submit button and check your bill.
How To Pay A PESCO Bill Online?

For an online bill payment, if you have an online banking account, then go to the “Bill Payment” option and select ‘pay bill’ button. OR

  • Pay with Easypaisa
  • Pay with Jazz Cash or U-cash.
How Can I Pay My PESCO Bill Through Easypaisa?
  • After opening the Easypaisa app, go to “Bill Payment”.
  • Now select the category of the bill i.e. electricity.
  • Select the company i.e. PESCO.
  • Now you will enter the reference number of the bill.
  • After getting the status of the bill, select the “Pay Now” option to pay the bill.
Pesco Bill Online Check By Reference Number

If you are interested in checking the PESCO bill online, you can use its reference number instead of the meter number and also get a printout so you can keep a record.

How do I download PESCO e bill?

ANS: People can easily download the PESCO bill online as well just enter the Customer ID and Reference number. After entering, both things then enter the month and click on the bill. Your bill will show on your screen.

 What is PESCO complaint number?

ANS: Sometimes people face different problems as well PESCO company has introduced the complaint no and people can do call and told problems. During working hours PESCO team will shove your issue.

 Can I calculate PESCO bill online?

ANS: Yes, you can calculate the PESCO bill online. Just open the official website of PESCO and then calculate the bill online.

 How can I get PESCO duplicate bill?

ANS: Due to some issues people misplace the original bill and now they have introduced the duplicate bill online. As well just enter the Reference ID and then download the duplicate bill.

 Can I check pesco e bill without the reference number?

ANS: Without Reference ID people can not check bills online. So, firstly give the complete required information and then check the bill.

 How can I change name on my bill?

ANS: If you want to change the meter owner’s name then visit the near PESCO office and give the application form.

 How to check if my bill is paid or not?

ANS: Yes, bill status can check online because when you pay bills online then people must check whether the status is paid or not. Enter your bill ID number and then your paid status bill will show.

 What is FPA in PESCO meter bill?

ANS: Due to price fluctuations PESCO can do Fuel Price Adjustments to your bill at any time.

 Can I check old bills online?

ANS: Yes, a complete history of your bill is available online every time.


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