College Student Life Essay

College Student life is a very important phase in the life and that can be the determining factor which can either lead to a very successful life or at the same time it can be the most contributing factor in the ruining of lives of the respective students. College life is one of the most entertaining and unforgettable moments in the life of the students and is remembered all the life. This is because the students just got exposed to the outer world because the college life is just after the schooling and at schooling the students do have various restrictions but at the life of college the students don’t have to follow various rules and regulations and in the majority of the colleges there are no such rules of timings and attendance which is another leverage due to which the students don’t get stressed of the schedule and do enjoy being at colleges.

College Student Life Essay

This stage of life is a very crucial in the life of College student which can either bring up a very productive life or can be equally dangerous because in the college life there is a high percentage of students which get distorted from the right path and forgets their real liability and get involve and indulge in such activities which can be very dangerous for their lives. This is just because of the community and gatherings which the students join in their college life. Students should be well aware of the fact that during their college life they should be very much careful while opting for any approaches; this is because at the college life the students are not mature enough and are not wise enough to differ between the good and bad and that is where the commit the wrong decision for which they destroy their future.

The uplifting of restrictions is the most common reason for which the students opt the path which generally leads to the failures because all the schooling life the students have to follow the rules and regulations and once these restrictions are being relaxed or are being uplifted in such scenarios the students to get the most of this opportunity gets associated with such communities and gatherings which are involved in unethical and illegal activities, and later becomes a massive threat to the law and order of the state and nation.

In the College student life the students do tend to give the preference to the entertainment rather than education and that is because of so much such events and opportunities which are being given to the students of college. And the one which stays connected with the prime objective in college life which is acquiring of education becomes the shining star and the asset of the nation in future and the one which gives preference to co-curricular activities and other wastage of time generally destroys their future and results in the college Student life.

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