OPPO Warranty Check Online Pakistan 2022

OPPO users who are looking for OPPO Warranty Check Online Pakistan 2022 are here in the right place. If you have purchased any OPPO device, then you may have the idea that it offers a warranty on its products. The warranty is given on the mobile phone, OPPO Watch, Bluetooth Earphone, and other accessories. But to avail of this, you must keep the warranty card and purchasing invoice safe. So, when you want to avail of this warranty, it can be easily done. As you all know that OPPO is a Chinese-based electronic company. It has several products and in the digital world, it is one of the top brands. Its top products are mobile phones, headphones and amplifiers, and smartwatches. Moreover, it also sells accessories for these products. Scroll down for OPPO Warranty Check Online Pakistan from this website.

OPPO Warranty Check Online Pakistan 2022

According to the policy of the company, the warranty period for each of its products is different. This period depends on the product line. For example, all mobile phones no matter which model have a warranty of 12 months. Here below, you can check the OPPO Warranty Check Online Pakistan.

Online Warranty Check OPPO:

OPPO has introduced a very easy and convenient method for its customers. Through this, you can quickly check 2 things i.e., the authenticity of your device and its warranty status. The procedure is straightforward as given below.

  • Open your browser and CLICK HERE.
  • Now, you will reach the OPPO support website.
  • There you have to scroll down and in the middle, you will see a box.
  • In the space, you have to enter your IMEI 1 or Serial Number (SN) of your device.
  • Click the Check Now button after this.
  • The status of your device activation date and expiry of the warranty will be there.

So, this is the easiest way by which you can check the warranty status.

OPPO IMEI Number Check:

If you are not able to find the IMEI 1 or SN, then follow the instructions given below:

  • Follow this for mobile phone: [Settings]> [About Phone]> [Status]> [IMEI 1] or [Serial Number]
  • For OPPO Watch: [Settings]> [System]> [About]> [IMEI 1] or [Serial Number]
  • The serial Number on audio products is given on the bottom of the charging case.
  • You can also find the IMEI or SN on the product packaging.
  • Through mobile phones, you can also check it by dialling *06# or *66#.

OPPO Warranty Check Online Pakistan 2022

OPPO Warranty Policy Pakistan:

For each product, there is a specific warranty period. This warranty is applicable from the time of its purchase. For different products, the warranty period is the following:

  • For Mobile Phones: 12 Months
  • Battery: 12 Months
  • Bluetooth Earphones: 12 Months
  • OPPO Watch: 6 months
  • Accessories (Headphones, USB Cable, Charger, and others): 6 months

Terms & Conditions:

The following terms and conditions are applied to OPPO products.

  • To avail warranty, you must have a warranty card or purchasing invoice of the product.
  • The service will not be applicable in domestic service centres if the product is purchased in any other country. In this case, the customer has to pay for it.
  • This warranty is only applicable in the given time period. You can not avail yourself after this period ends.
  • At the time of purchase, the customer must ask the dealer to activate the warranty.
  • The warranty does not cover if your device is damaged due to improper use.


How can I check my OPPO warranty?

You can check the remaining warranty period of your OPPO product through the IMEI number at the OPPO support website.

How long is the warranty of OPPO?

The warranty period of OPPO products is following:

  • Mobile phones, Bluetooth Earphones, and Batteries: 12 Months
  • Oppo watch and accessories: 6 months

How can I check my OPPO Mobile is original?

CLICK HERE and enter your IMEI number in the space to check the authenticity of your product.

How can I check the OPPO purchase date?

Enter your IMEI or SN in the space after visiting support.oppo.com.pk.

This is the whole procedure through which you can access the warranty. Remember to get the warranty card and activation at the time of purchasing your product. Most users don’t have an idea that there is a special warranty on the products they are purchasing. So, this is all about OPPO Warranty Check Online Pakistan 2022. If you have any queries, then ask in the comment section.


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