Tecno Warranty Check in Pakistan Online

Got a new Tecno mobile phone and searching for Tecno Warranty Check in Pakistan Online? If yes, then your search is going to end here. Tecno customers who are facing issues with the product should not worry about it. Tecno Mobile is a Chinese-based company that sells mobile phones. Its journey in Pakistan started in 2017. In a very short period, Tecno has become one of the best android mobile selling companies. Its product line consists of Mobiles, PCs, Tabs, and several accessories. The main reason companies like Tecno become so famous is because of their strategy to satisfy its customer. They make sure that whoever buys any product will be happy with it. While manufacturing a product, its quality is the main thing that is highly considered. Now, scroll down for Tecno Warranty Check in Pakistan Online.

Tecno Warranty Check in Pakistan Online

According to Tecno, the possibility of any fault in the product is very less. They do their best to produce high-quality mobiles. But if there is still any issue in your purchase, then there is an option of warranty that can be availed. When you buy from Tecno, a warranty card along with the product is provided by the seller. The period to avail it is 12+1 months. From the date of purchase to the next 12+1 months, you can avail of this warranty. But if you are not able to find the purchase date, then Tecno Warranty Check in Pakistan Online will help you.

Tecno Warranty Check Pakistan:

In the following method, you will check the mobile activation date. So, calculate that date to the next 12+1 months and check whether it is expired or not.

  • Visit www.tecno-mobile.com/warranty or simply CLICK HERE.
  • You will reach the Tecno support page.
  • In the centre, there will be a space. Enter the IMEI number of your phone.
  • Click the search button now.
  • In a few moments, you will see the details of the mobile phone there.
  • Check the mobile purchase or activation date and add 12+1 months in it to check whether the warranty is remaining or not.

So, this is the procedure you can follow for it. In case, you are not able to find the IMEI number, follow the steps given below.

Tecno IMEI Check:

There are three steps in which you can find the IMEI number of your mobile.

  • On your mobile, open [settings]> [system]> [About phone]>[Status]>[IMEI].
  • Dial *#06*# and call. IMEI number will be shown.
  • You can find it in the package box.

Tecno Warranty Policy:

There are some policies from the company that you should know before availing of the warranty. Firstly, the warranty period is:

  • Phones and Tablets: 12+1 months
  • Accessories: 6 months

There are some terms & conditions from Tecno and you should follow them as given below:

  • If the serial number of the device is removed or defaced, it’s not eligible.
  • If any issue is caused by improper or overuse, it is not included in this service.
  • Only the devices purchased in Pakistan are included in these services.
  • If any service is done by an unauthorized service provider, then it will not include in this service.

Tecno Warranty Check in Pakistan Online


On www.tecno-mobile.com/warranty, enter the IMEI number of your phone and check the purchase date and compare it with the date today.

Tecno Warranty period is following:

  • Phones and Tablets: 12+1 months
  • Accessories: 6 months

This is complete details about Tecno Warranty Check in Pakistan Online. Hopefully, you are confident with the post. This will allow you to check the remaining tenure of the warranty. So, get this information here. Further, stay tuned with us for more relevant posts.

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