Hair Loss Treatment In Urdu At Home

In Pakistan hair loss problem is very big issue for male and female but according to research hair loss issue ratio is increace in male due to different reason. 25 % male are losing their half hair at the age of 25 to 30. according to other research in Pakistan 35% male hair is complete loss at the age of 50. well hair loss problem causes is different like genatical hair loss problem but lot of causes reason is our treatment with hairs, yes if you wants to safe yourself through this hair loss problem then just follow different hair heath treatment.

In male and female one wrong concept is very popular, both gander are thinking if hair wash procedure is adopt daily through shampoo then they can safe hair from hair loss issue but this is totally wrong perception. If your selection of shampoo is good according to your hair type then you can safe one side but after this safe side you are required lot of tip that is mention in below side so follow it.

How to reduced hair loss treatment:

  • Egg oil, Coconut oil Massage is best for hair health
  • Use daily shampoo and wash your hair through hot and cool water
  • Green vegetable and fresh salad is best diet for hair health
  • Eat boil egg on breakfast
  • avoid stress I because through stress hair are loss fast
  • take minimum 8 hours sleep
  • not apply hair gel, hair wax, and hairstyling cream on skin just apply on hair

Hair Loss Treatment In Urdu At Home

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Hair Loss Treatment In Urdu At Home

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