Professional Beautician Course in Islamabad

With the passage of time, there is a huge demand that is being come in the way of the beautician courses all over Pakistan. Here is a list of professional beautician course in Islamabad. In almost all the major cities of Pakistan, you will prominently be finding the professional level of beautician courses centers for the ladies. Let’s have a quick discussion about them all! Beautician is one such term that has been encompassing all kinds of the specializations in it. It does ranges with the names of esthetics and cosmetology that are being the most common. You will prominently be finding the professional training courses that are accessible in the areas of the technical schools, community colleges, and private for-profit schools. These professions do require the coverage of the state licensing before practicing at a professional level. If you are among the interested one then you can get yourself enroll in the esthetician certificate programs. Courses do add upon to the safety practices, esthetics theory all along with the use of products.  Most programs can be completed in two semesters.

Professional Beautician Course in Islamabad

Professional Beautician Course in Islamabad

Cosmetology is known out to be one of the broader fields of study of beauty category. It does add up to the courses of hair styling, skin care, makeup and nail care. Students can train all through the mediums of the certificate programs or associate’s degree programs. Associate’s degree programs will have the duration of about two years of study and include a few general education courses.

List of Common Professional Beautician Courses:

  • Facials
  • Skincare and makeup products and application
  • Principles of chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Physiology
  • Bleaching
  • Chemical processes
  • Cosmetology and health
  • Scalp treatments
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Salon operations
  • Cosmetology design
  • Research and reporting
  • Cosmetology career development

Talk About Career Options of Professional Beautician Experts:

By holding the degree of a professional beautician in your hands, you can step into so many career doorway options as mentioned below:

  • Make-up artist
  • Product Educator
  • Dermatology assistant
  • Day spa esthetician
  • Facial specialist
  • Nail care
  • Platform artist
  • Makeup artist
  • Colorist
  • Stylist

List of Best Professional Beautician Course in Islamabad:

  1. Depilex Beauty Clinic & Institute:

Address: Butt Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.

Phone: +92-51-2102223

  1. Jugnu Wasim Salon & Studio

Address: Near Burj Bank, Block-15, Bhittai Road, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

Phone: +92-51-2654442

  1. Omni Health & Beauty

Address: House 33, Street 3, F-8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: +92-51-8354422

  1. Sabiha’s Beauty Parlour

Address: Shop# 2, Umer Centre, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad

Phone: +92-51-2817025

  1. Sara’s Studio & Academy

Address: House No. 252, Street No. 54, F-11/4, Islamabad.

Phone: +92-51-2222699

  1. Scissors Ladies Beauty Salon & Aerobics Center

Address: House No. 249-B, Street No.52, F-10/4, Islamabad

Phone: +92-51-2299905

  1. Studio T Salon Spa & Institute

Address: Flat No. 1, Block-3, Najam Market, Street No. 48, F-8/4, Islamabad.

Phone: +92-322-5123006

  1. Zaib Beauty Lines

Address: House # 823, Street #11, I-8/2, Islamabad

Phone: +92-51-4864370

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