Depilex Beauty Parlour Course And Training Rates

All the ladies out there, get ready because Depilex is giving you the best chance to be the part of this beauty center through their courses enrollment. Depilex College of Cosmetology has been best involved in providing with the extensive delivery of the high-quality range of courses that are all related to the beauty treatments. They are being even involved in the access of providing with the best management practices applied in this particular stream. At the end of the coursework, the applicants would be able to grab the complete skills and knowledge about the working mode. They can work in this industry with the complete confidence. In this way, we are providing you the Depilex beauty parlour course and training rates. Hence all the short courses have been designed as in favor of the four major aspects of the beauty therapy, as well as hairdressing and management skills practiced within this industry.

Depilex Beauty Parlour Course And Training Rates

Depilex Beauty Parlour Course And Training Rates

Important Depilex Beauty Parlor Courses:

  1. Personal Grooming Courses

Personal grooming category has been all designed for the purpose with the aim of letting the candidates get all prepared for all walks of life. It would give the applicants with the awareness of enhancing personality. The main aim of this course is all about focusing on shaping an individual’s personality and personal grooming development for mature and career oriented or corporate candidates.

  1. Salon Business Management

The main aim of this category course is all about assisting the sales persons as well as supervisors, managers, and business owners. It would be enhancing their skills and knowledge with respect to the business growth. This course is putting the main focus on the business building and bringing about the creation of personal service culture.

  1. Make-up

This course will be providing the students with the skills and confidence to be the successful career makeup artist.  Depilex has been providing with the high and wide array of short courses pertaining to this field mentioning with the media and event makeup techniques, as well as photographic makeup, portfolio building and specified makeup application skills that are interlinked with the makeup field of artistry.

  1. Body Therapy

In the short courses, you would be finding the short course of body therapy too. This course will be providing the students with the in-depth anatomy and physiology knowledge as about the major body systems and how they do work. Electrotherapy, figure analysis, body therapy, as well as manicure, and the pedicures and body massage are some of the main concerned areas of this coursework.

Details About Depilex Beauty Parlour Course and Training Rates:

  • The time duration of this training course will be about 2 days to 6 weeks.
  • Courses training fee price will be about Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 80,000 /-
  • At the end of the training course finishing the students will be awarded a DCC Short Course Certificate.

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For more details about the training courses at Depilex Center get in contact with the below-mentioned contact details:

Address: 25/Ali Block, Garden Town, Lahore Pakistan

Phone: +92-423-5911224/5, +92-320-4141431

 Email: [email protected]



  1. Salam,I want to admission in deplex cosmetology collage I live in Karachi ,kindly help me how to admission in this collage.i want to do a complete diploma.


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