Best Hotels In Naran Kaghan For Family And Friends To Stay

Have you been in search of some best hotel locations in Naran Kaghan? If yes, then stop this search right now as here we are about to discuss up with some of the top best and amazing hotel locations in Naran Kaghan for family and friends to stay around. Naran Kaghan has always remained one of the most breath-taking destinations to spot on in Pakistan. It is located in Norther Pakistan and has remained to be one of the main attractions of the tourists. Naran Kaghan Shogran Valley is small town in high lands of Kaghan Valley.  It is situated at the distance of about 119km from Manshera City. This place has turned out to be the main attraction of the tourists for the Naran Kaghan valley that is a banking on Kunhar River which is also called as Naran River. It do make you offer with the breath-taking sights mentioning with the lake saiful malook, as well as lake Lulusar, plus the Babusar Top and especially Trout Fish.

Best Hotels In Naran Kaghan For Family And Friends To Stay

Best Hotels In Naran Kaghan For Family And Friends To Stay

List of Famous and Best Hotels In Naran Kaghan For Family And Friends To Stay:

  1. Arcadian Riverside Adventure Resort:

Arcadian Riverside Adventure Resort

Arcadian Riverside Adventure Resort is known out to be one of the well known hotels as located in Naran Kaghan. It is a 4 star hotel. It has been regarded as best in providing with the exceptional services of stay for the customers. It do has the fastest customer service with the involvement of the private bathrooms, tv and much more.

  1. PTDC Motel Naran:

PTDC Motel Naran

This is another one of the most well known hotels which you will be finding in the location of Naran Kaghan. This hotel has the coverage of rooms that is divided into so many categories mentioning with the standard rooms. They do add up their accomodation services in the categories of the Kunhar Huts and Surty huts that are so amazing looking.

  1. DeManche Hotel Naran:

DeManche Hotel Naran

On the third spot, we would bring you up with the name of DeManche Hotel Naran! This hotel has been best in terms of offering the extraordinary services of the high standard family rooms in Naran. They do even add up in offering with the special room on last minute booking basis for the customers.

  1. Lenox Hotel Naran:

Lenox Hotel Naran

On the fourth spot, we would add you up with the name of Lenox Hotel Naran that is one of the top known hotels in Naran. This hotel is small in size with the involvement of 23 rooms access. It is a 3 star hotel. In all the rooms, you will be finding the service so TV, hot and cold water.

  1. Pine Park Shogran Hotel:

Pine Park Shogran Hotel

This hotel place has been categorized out to be known as one of the finest hotel in Shogran. It is said out to be the very first hotel built on the plateau of Shogran.

If you are planning to spend your this year winter vacations in Naran, then do not miss out choosing these amazing hotels of Naran as your accommodation criteria! Go for it now!


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