How To Check Remaining MBs In Ufone

Are you a user of Ufone prepaid or postpaid and using its 3G internet daily, weekly or monthly internet bucket? If your answer is yes then I would like to ask here, do you know that how to check remaining MBs in Ufone? If you don’t know then don’t get worried about it because here I am telling you the complete method through which you will be able to check the remaining internet MBs in Ufone. It is because internet packages are available in limited number of MBs which are allowed in specified time duration. For example Ufone provide 250MBs Volume for weekly light bucket. So when you consumed this volume before 7 days you will then be charged for the consumption of each MB. So to keep away safe from these deductions you must be familiar with how to check remaining mbs in Ufone daily, weekly, monthly internet packages. When you will keep on checking that how many mbs are remaining in my Ufone 3G buckets then you will use it within limits. Keep on reading this post that how you can be familiar with your Ufone remaining internet volume in prepaid or postpaid sim.

How To Check Remaining MBs In Ufone

How To Check Remaining MBs In Ufone

How to Check Remaining MBs in Ufone Prepaid

When you subscribe a Ufone internet package, your time of consumption start with that second. Even you use or not your package will end after the given limit. While in other condition when you use more than the given time period you have to keep on up to dated with the remaining MBs. So you can check through the following code for checking left over MBs in Ufone package.

Code for Ufone Prepaid: Dial *706#

You will be charged the default rates as per your package Rs. 01.00+tax for each checking.

How to Check Remaining MBs in Ufone Postpaid

As the Ufone internet packages for postpaid customers are different then the Ufone 3G packages for prepaid users, similarly the checking method of remaining Ufone Mbs are also different. But you are informed that in both cases when you check the remaining volume with code you will be charged also and the method is below.

Code for Ufone Postpaid: Dial *4545# to check remaining balance of the buckets

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So this is the answer for your question about how to check remaining MBs in Ufone daily, weekly, monthly internet packages. In the end I suggest you that you must be familiar with this method and learn the code for remaining Mbs in Ufone so that you can keep safe from the unknown deductions of your balance even you are subscribed a Ufone internet package.


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