How To Check Zong Remaining SMS Package Code

Zong users can check How To Check Zong Remaining SMS Package Code from this website. Are you using a Zong SMS but you don’t know how many SMS you have consumed and how many SMS are remaining? Most of the times we subscribe a msg pkg and keep on using it unlimited and don’t calculate how many we have used and how many msgs remains behind, in this case, if your given limit has consumed before the time your extra charges will be deducted per SMS until the renewal of the new bundle. If you stay up to date with your remaining numbers you will use in much appropriate schedule. Well this is actually a useful method for those who use to chat with friends on texting and they need a huge number of messages. So just keep on reading to get the process about how to check remaining SMS in Zong SMS package.

How To Check Zong Remaining SMS Package Code

Now all Zong customers who want to check their remaining SMS in their Package can check from the below-given method. The details for How To Check Zong Remaining SMS Package Code is given to the below headings. So follow the below procedure to check your remaining messages in your message package.

How To Check Remaining SMS In Zong SMS Package How to Check Remaining SMS in Zong:

People can check the complete procedure for How to check Remaining SMS in Zong. There are three different methods to check remaining Messages in the subscribed package. So follow any of the below methods to check the remaining SMS in your account.

Method 1:

  • Open Call Dialer
  • Dial *111# to check remaining SMS count
  • Charges: Rs. 0.20 + Tax).
  • Dial *999# to check remaining WhatsApp volume and validity (Charges: Rs. 0.20 + Tax).

Method 2:

  • Go to Write Message
  • Type 2
  • Send it to 102
  • You will receive a message containing your remaining SMS

Method 3:

  • Open Call Dialer
  • Dial *102#
  • A popup window will appear on your screen
  • Reply with 2
  • Your remaining SMS will display on your screen

All these three methods can be used to check daily, weekly and monthly remaining SMS in Zong. Remember that on each check Rs. 1. 30 plus tax will be deducted from your account. In the other hand, if you have any further question in your mind relating to How To Check Zong Remaining SMS Package Code, you can ask us through comments below.

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