Warid Code for Recharge Card, Share Balance, Helpline , Check Balance

If you want to know about how to Warid Code for Recharge Card, Share Balance, Helpline , Check Balance then this page will help you in getting what you want. Warid Telecom is a brand new company which earns its name in Pakistan and other countries such as Uganda and Congo. Its owner belongs to Abu Dhabi. Warid Telecom launched its cellular services in Pakistan in May 2005. Its services are many and spread in Pakistan nearly about 7,000 destinations. Everybody likes its services because it is very easy to use. Warid provided the network technologies like as Zim and Zahi. These are prepaid and postpaid connections respectively. Zim and Zahi user enjoy its provided services like as SMS, MMS, GPRS and Roaming services. Glow is a new brand and friendly technology by Warid Telecome. Mostly youth in Pakistan like it very strongly because in Glow technology, there are bundle of packages such as Glow1, Glow2 and Super dosti offer.

How to check Warid balance and Recharge Card

Warid code for Recharge Balance

Mostly people do not know the way of recharging 16 digit code in our mobile device. Here is solution will be provide and customer problem of recharging 16 digit code will solve. It is very easy to recharging the code of 16 digit.

There are 2 methods of recharging balance:

1-      Dial 123 and talk with help line and follow the procedure

2-      Scratch the hidden no and dial *161*16 digit code# and press the green button

Warid code for Sharing Balance

Many customers have problems to sharing balance to each other. Here is solution given for customer so that they have not more face problems. Method of sharing balance is very easy and everybody can share balance to our friends etc.

Press B<Space>prepaid Number<space><Amount>send to 1414

Warid code for Help line

Help line is open service for Warid customer. If anybody have problem then they can solve their problem after just dialing 123

Warid code for Check Balance

If you do not know about your balance then you can fix your problem after just dialing *100#

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