Telenor Balance Card Recharge Code Number, Procedure

Those prepaid and postpaid customers who are newly shifted to Telenor network are sometimes confuse about card recharge code. So here I am telling you Telenor balance card recharge code number, procedure. There are three different ways through which you can recharge your balance like easy load, card scratch, and balance sharing. It was a time when people use to visit the franchises for balance load but now the method has been changed as you just have to go to the shop to buy a card or you can also load balance by scratch card. There are also terms and conditions which one has also are meeting in order to clarify about taxation and deductions of balance from your whole amount. For example if you recharge a Rs. 100 card you will get R. 75 but Rs. 25 will be deducted in the form of taxes by the company. Now keep on reading this post to get the Telenor card balance recharge code number, procedure. You also read the terms and conditions for it…

Telenor Balance Card Recharge Code Number, Procedure

Telenor Balance Card Recharge Code Number, Procedure

Telenor Card Balance Recharge Method

  1. Through card recharge
  2. Through easy load
  3. Through balance sharing

Through Card Recharge

Recharge balance through the scratch card you have to buy a card from a shop. After that scratch the card and make sure the 16 digits card number and then you have to upload this card as *555*scratch card number# and press or tap on send or dial button. You can also dial Telenor helpline number 345 to recharge your card. The balance recharge from card you can use the following code…

*555*scratch card number# and dial it.

Through Easy Load

To recharge your balance through the easy load you have to visit to the easy load shop either for both Telenor talkshawk and Telenor djuice. After that you just have to give him the cash for how much you want to load your balance. You can get easy load from Rs.25 to Rs.5, 000.

Through Telenor Balance Sharing

In that case you are sitting far where there is not a shop available for buying a card or easy load you can ask to your friend for balance sharing. One can share balance only from Telenor to Telenor and sharing amount starts from Rs.15 to Rs. 200 through the balance sharing. The balance sharing code and number procedure is as written below

*1*1*balance receiver number*amount# and send it

*1*1*03044160039*100# and press dial button

So these are the details about how to recharge Telenor card balance recharge code number, procedure. I have discussed the three methods about recharge of Telenor balance by scratch card, easy load and balance sharing. If something is still missing leave your comment in the following comment box.

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