How to Convert Warid Prepaid to Postpaid Connection

Warid have prepaid and postpaid connection in which customer can convert his connection from one to another link. How can the subscriber convert his connection from prepaid to postpaid? How many charges will be taken by Official Warid Network? What we have to need a new SIM after prepaid and postpaid conversion?  Will our balance be secure when we complete the conversion procedure? And other type of questions will be discussed on this page so the subscriber must to keep in touch with this page.

Warid prepaid is good network and the subscribe feels relaxed due to benefits of the prepaid service. The subscriber can scratch card and feed balance with own hand at the spot while postpaid have not facility like this. In addition to postpaid customer paid their bill once in a month when bill cycle date has come. They good feel because not worry about their ending of balance. One thing is more they use free minutes that are given by Warid Network.

How to Convert Warid Prepaid to Postpaid Connection

How To Convert Warid Prepaid To Postpaid Connection

Warid prepaid to postpaid conversion

There are several points which must be kept in mind when the subscriber wants to convert his prepaid to postpaid connection.

  • The subscriber must be present at the Warid Franchise when he want to convert the connection
  • Original CNIC card is compulsory
  • 1 CNIC photocopy
  • The SIM card must be name of that person who want to change connection
  • SIM card must be activated
  • Rs.¬† 20 rupees should have in SIM card
  • 1 SMS will be send to a fix number by Warid dealer
  • Reply of sending message will be shown to the Sir or Mis
  • No charges will be taken
  • New SIM card will be given free by Warid
  • Signe and thumb expression
  • Time required for conversion is from 4 to 14 days
  • Be patient in these days and use his old SIM until its signal lost


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  1. I have a postpaid sim of warid and I wanna change it to post paid. My balance is bill. Franchise workers are demanding 1500 rupee. Please inform me about this thing. U can send me information on my mail or my number 03105431013. Thank u.


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