Jazz Postpaid Packages 2022 Monthly

Jazz is offering Jazz Postpaid Packages 2022 Monthly to its customers. Through Jazz Internet Packages, postpaid customers can also enjoy 4G internet on a monthly basis. Jazz was recently established by the merger of Mobilink and Warid in 2017 to provide better services to Pakistani customers. Now all Warid and Mobilink users can enjoy the same services under the same name Jazz. Jazz is offering prepaid and postpaid services to its customers. Prepaid users are those users who first load the balance and then use that balance while postpaid customers are those customers that pay the proper bill at the end of the month. Jazz Billing Sim internet packages are also best and specially arranged according to the need of the customers.

Jazz Postpaid Packages 2022 Monthly

Jazz has two different Jazz postpaid internet packages for its customers. It is not only providing the fastest internet to its customers but also offers the best calls and SMS services to its users too. So if you are looking for the Jazz postpaid net packages then on the below side, we are sharing the internet packages for the postpaid customers.

Mobilink Postpaid Internet Packages

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Jazz Postpaid Monthly Internet Packages 2022:

Package Price SMS Other Network Mins Jazz Mins Internet
Gold Basic Rs.750 (Incl. Tax)


3000 200 3000 10 GB Data


Gold Plus Rs.1,350 (Incl. Tax)


6000 400 6000 20 GB Data


Gold Ultimate Rs.2,150 (Incl. Tax)


10000 600 10000 1.       40 GB Data


Jazz is offering Jazz Postpaid Packages 2022 Monthly to its customers. All Jazz postpaid users can activate these packages and can enjoy the fastest internet for a whole month. So choose the best package as per your need. So enjoy this Jazz Postpaid Packages 2022 Monthly with your friends and family.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2022 Code:

Jazz gives their customers not only internet packages on a monthly basis but also on give daily basis to0. Now Jazz comes with a new Jazz Postpaid Packages 2022 Monthly and all the detail related to these packages are given below.

Jazz Daily Mega Rs.30
1 GB 24 hours*117*4#
Jazz Daily Sindh Rs.12250 MB/1500 SMS 1 Day till mid night*522#
Jazz Daily Punjab Offer Rs.12250 MB/1000 SMS 1 Day till mid night*6000#
Jazz Daily Day Bundle Rs.14
20 MB/300 SMS 1 Day*340#
Jazz Daily Super Plus OfferRs.30500 MB/500 SMS 1 Day*558#
Jazz Super Ghanta OfferRs.101 GB1 Hour*638#
Jazz Daily YouTube and Social OfferRs.161 GB24 Hours*968#
Jazz Daily ExtremeRs.152 GB24 Hours*757#
Jazz Daily SMS PackageRs.7.210 MB/1800 SMS1 Day*334#

These are the best Jazz Postpaid Packages 2022 Monthly that a postpaid user can activate for a whole month. Through activating these Internet Packages a person will be able to use 4G speed. In case you want add-ons then Jazz has also add-ons packages for its customers too. This package is beneficial for those persons who use the internet on a daily basis.

Aside from the internet packages, Jazz postpaid is also offering some hybrid packages in which you will get internet, calls, and SMS for a month. So also check this website to get information about those Jazz Postpaid packages too.

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