How To Unsubscribe Jazz TV Package

Jazz is offering How to unsubscribe Jazz TV Package to those customers who are already using this service on their smartphone devices. Jazz has introduced a Mobile TV application to its customers. Now all customers who want to watch TV on their mobile phones can simply download the Jazz TV application and Choose their package plans for daily, weekly and monthly basis. After downloading the Mobile TV application, if you have normal internet package then it will not work or channels will not be unlocked until you will subscribe to a package. On clicking on any channel, you will ask to purchase a plan for Mobile TV and after selecting the plan it will simply unlock. On the other hand, you can also unsubscribe to these packages at any time by following the Jazz TV unsubscribe package procedure which is as follow.

How To Unsubscribe Jazz TV Package

Jazz TV packages are being offered on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These packages will not automatically subscribe and every time when you want to use these packages, you have to subscribe if the package has unsubscribed. Currently, we are sharing How to unsubscribe Jazz TV Package.

How To Unsubscribe Jazz TV Package

Jazz TV Package:

Jazz TV Packages are being offered on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The Packages detail is as follow.

  • Jazz TV Daily Package price is RS 12
  • Jazz TV Weekly Package Price is RS 60
  • Jazz TV Monthly Package Price is RS 240
  • Jazz TV postpaid Monthly Package price is RS 200

How to Unsubscribe Jazz TV package:

There is no need to unsubscribe to Jazz TV Package because it will automatically expire and will not automatically subscribe again without your consent. In case if you still want to know more about How To Unsubscribe Jazz TV Package then you can simply call at 111 and can ask Jazz customer care representative to deactivate these packages. You can also uninstall the Mobile phone application in order to deactivate Jazz TV Packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Through these packages, you will able to watch and record movies, dramas and live streaming etc.


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