Ufone Kaun Hai Offer

Ufone has introduced Kaun Hai Offer to its valued customers to make them safe. It is an innovative wireless caller identification services which let Ufone users know who is the person on another side before picking up the phone. Ufone Kaun Hai Offer Janiye Kis Ki Call Hai offer can be subscribed by dialing simple activation code. This mobile operating company is working to make their customers safe and aware of Kaun hai service so you can identify who is calling you. This package can be activated for RS 0.83+tax per day. When you subscribe to this offer, every time when your phone will ring, the caller name will be appeared on your screen and known you can identify the identity of the caller before picking up calls. In this article, you will learn about Ufone Kaun Hai Offer Janiye Kis Ki Call Hai service.

Ufone Kaun Hai Offer Janiye Kis Ki Call Hai *406#

Ufone Kaun Hai Offer Janiye Kis Ki Call Hai *406#

Ufone Kaun Hai Offer Subscription Code:

Ufone Kaun Hai Offer subscription code is *406#. It can also be subscribed by sending SMS on 3404.

Ufone Kaun Hai Offer Un-subscription code:

Un-subscription code for this offer is *406#. It can also be un-subscribed by sending SMS on 3405.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is recursive and will be automatically subscribed every day
  • The name of the user will be from the global database and is not from the Ufone database
  • This service doesn’t take data from user’s contact book
  • This service is both for Prepaid and postpaid users
  • If the data of the caller is not available in the database, in that case, the name of the caller will not be displayed
  • This service can be deactivated at any time by simply dialing the code with that you have activated

Ufone Kaun hai offer provides you information from the global database and if the data of any caller is not available then you will not see a message on your screen. There is no limit to messages and user will receive the message on every call.


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