How To Block Unwanted Calls / SMS On Jazz Free

We are selected very interesting topic that will most helpful for those people who are worried related to different unwanted call and SMS, yes through this page get How To Block Unwanted Calls / SMS On Jazz Free of cost. This is a reality few years ago when different telecom companies is not providing unlimited call packages with cheap rate then not one service is available that is giving block list for unlimited calls and sms because call and SMS charges was very high due to this reason people cannot try wrong call and SMS. these days you must have information all telecom companies call and SMS packages is available with cheap price and due to this reason few crazy people is trying to disturb to other people through sms and call that is the main reason different companies is introducing unwanted call and SMS service block system with on cheap rate offer. Jazz is one of the best telecom companies that is providing fastest telecom service with affordable price rate that is the main reason Jazz telecom market share is increase day by day.

How To Block Unwanted Calls / SMS On Jazz Free

How To Block Unwanted Calls SMS On Jazz Free

according to Jazz marketing director we are received lot of calls and Sms on our complain center number and according to our jazz client they want to block few unwanted number calls and SMS that is the main reason we are introducing first time in Pakistan call and SMS block service for Jazz users in below side method is given for your Unwanted call and SMS.

How to Block Unwanted call and SMS on Jazz number :

Just open new write message and type act ics and send this message on 420 number according to Jazz connection through this offer you can black maximum 20 number. Remember if you want to add number then type ADD NB —-number—- and send to 420.

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