Jazz Internet Packages 2022

This website is regularly bringing updates for new Jazz internet packages 2022 for the daily, weekly, and monthly basis prepaid customers. Through these bundles, you can subscribe to the Jazz internet packages according to your usage there are different ideas where you can obtain the details of these bundles. The company has introduced many Jazz 4G Packages 2022 for those customers who want to activate a package daily. Weekly internet package, as well as the Jazz monthly Net packages, have also been introduced for its valued customers so that if you are in the hour of need then you can subscribe to this package and enjoy the internet for one day. This company was formerly known as Mobilink but renamed Jazz after merging with WaridTel. This company is providing 4G LTC internet services. How to activate Jazz 4G net package 2022 on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis procedure is given to this website. Scroll down to check the best internet offers and subscribe to the best ones.

Jazz Internet Packages 2022

Jazz has introduced a large number of internet packages according to the different use of the internet of its customers. A customer can choose from the variety of Jazz Net package 2022 which are available on this website. On the following side, we are going to discuss the Internet 4G packages on three different duration including daily, weekly, and monthly.

Jazz Internet Packages 2022

Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

Jazz has also introduced Jazz 4G Daily internet packages 2022 for its customers so that those who want to subscribe to internet package on a daily package. There are different internet pkg that a person can activate according to his need.

Package NameVolume ChargesValiditySubscription Code
Daily Browser Internet Package1GB InternetRS 271 Day*117*4#
Daily Youtube and Social Internet Package 1GB Youtube, WhatsApp, FacebookRS 161 Day*968#
Jazz Daily Extreme2GB Internet (12AM to 12PM)Rs. 151 Day (12 AM to 12 PM)*757#

You can subscribe to any of the offers given in the list by dialing the subscription code. It can also be subscribed to online from the Jazz website. These offers are auto unsubscribed after the completion of their validity.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

Mobilink is offering different Jazz 4G Weekly internet packages 2022 to its customers. These packages are for seven days and you can resubscribe to these packages after the expiry of the internet bundle. If you want to subscribe to any Jazz Weekly Internet Package then choose from the below weekly packages.

Package NameVolume ChargesValiditySubscription Code
Jazz Weekly Premium 4G Internet Package 4000 MB+ 50 off-net minutes InternetRS 1697 Days*117*47#
Jazz Weekly Mega Internet Package 7000 MB InternetRS 2137 Days*159#
Weekly Mega Plus25 GB Internet (15GB+ 10 GB from 2AM to 2PM) RS 2757 Days*453#
Weekly Youtube and Social5GB data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, IMORS 997 Days*660#

Weekly packages are generally given with a good amount of internet MBs. You can subscribe to any of the offers that are according to your budget.

Jazz Internet Monthly Packages:

Mobilink is also offering  Jazz 4G Monthly internet packages 2022 to its customers. A person can check monthly internet bundles according to their interest. So Simply activate any of the below packages to enjoy the internet every month.

Package NameVolume ChargesValiditySubscription Code
Monthly Premium25GB Internet (10GB Youtube)+ 250 off-net minutesRS 63030 days*2000#
Monthly Mega Plus Internet Package 12 GB internet (6GB from 2AM-2PM)RS 34930 Days*117*30#
Monthly Supreme Internet Package 22 GB internet (10 GB+ 12 GB from 2AM to 2PM)RS 52530 Days*117*32#
Monthly Browser Package
2GB RS 8930 Days**709#
Monthly Social5GB WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO+ 12000 SMSRS 11030 Days**661#

Terms & Conditions

There are some terms & conditions applicable to these offers.

  • The standard rate for the internet is Rs.5/MB.
  • Rs.1.2/MB is applicable as an overage on all the bundles.
  • The offers having specific usage time can only be used within that time period otherwise standard rates apply to them.
  • These offers can be used and subscribed to in 2G/3G/4G internet service areas.
  • You need to subscribe again after the expiry of that bundle.
  • All the bundles are subject to change at any time.


How can I get free jazz MB?

You can get free Jazz MBs from the Jazz World app. Search “Jazz World” in the play store and download it. Sign in there and enjoy free MBs daily.

How can I check Jazz 4g MB free?

You can check the remaining MBs for any Jazz bundle by simply adding *2# at the end of the code of that subscribed bundle.

How do I subscribe to jazz weekly 10GB?

  • 10GB date from 8 AM to 6 PM for a week
  • Fee: Rs.95
  • Subscription code: *117*14#

How can I check my jazz weekly internet package?

To check the remaining data for the Jazz Weekly Maga Plus offer, dial *453*2#.

How can I make a jazz package?

You can also make your own offer according to your budget and needs. Dial *303# and make your own jazz offer.

How can I check my Jazz 12 GB package?

  • Internet: 12 GB (6GB from 2 AM to 2 PM)
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Charges: Rs.349
  • Subscription code: *117*30#
  • Status code: *117*30*2#

Also, get How to check Remaining MBs in Jazz Internet Package.

These are the Jazz Internet Packages 2022 daily, weekly, monthly codes. You can check the Jazz 4g internet activation code and deactivation code from this site. Jazz is one of the best telecommunication companies which provides 4g internet services. They have the best and affordable Jazz device price you can get and use freely internet anywhere any time.

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