Pakistan Independence Day Celebration Essay in English

Do you want to know about Pakistan Independence Day celebration essay in Pakistan? Well we all know that each single year Pakistan Independence Day is held on 14th August. This day is even taken the memorial day to remember that how the Pakistani rulers grabbed the freedom from the British rule on that date in 1947. This day is simply defined as the occasion that is simply promoted to the nationalism and national unity.

Activities of People on Pakistan Independence Day:

                             On the day of Pakistan Independence Day all the people tried their level best that they show out their patriotic and love towards the country on the high level. All the people who are attending the parades on this day they wear special clothes in white and green color that is known as the colors of Pakistani flag. All the people love to visit the national monuments and places that are mainly known as being the national significance to have a good time on the Independence Day. Some of the people even arrange the get together among the mates and exchange gifts and stopover recreational spots. All the public, private buildings, residences and monuments are decorated with the flags of Pakistan along with the colorful lightening as well. The prime minister and president address and wish many happy returns to the nation for celebrating the freedom. All the houses and streets are beautified with the candles, oil lamps and pennants. Some of the people arrange fireworks too.

Pakistan Independence Day Celebration Essay in English

Public Life on Pakistan Independence Day:

                     On the day of Pakistan Independence Day all the governmental, non-governmental offices, organizations, educational institutions, post offices, and major markets are closed. But transports are accessible in all the major cities.

Symbols of Pakistan Independence Day:

                       Talking about the main symbols of Pakistan Independence Day then they are usually represented by the green and white color. White is the sign of peace and harmony and green color is all about the riches and good luck.

All the citizens of Pakistan start celebrating the Pakistan Independence Day as the clock passed the 11:59 pm. From midnight to the next evening the celebrations last longer! Some of the people starsts the day with the gun firing early in the morning! Changing of the guards taken place on the tombs of Quid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal and some of the people even carry out the flag badges and other great leaders of the freedom moment. Don’t forget to show your love and affection on the Pakistan Independence Day!


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