NGO In Pakistan For Children, Education

Do you know which the top famous NGO in Pakistan are for children, education? Well we all know that today there are many local and international non-governmental organizations that are all functioning inside the various urban and rural areas of Pakistan. NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organizations that are all aimed in fullfilling the human developnment. It is a fact that as the years are passing the population of Pakistan is growing so rapidly and in this population there is greater percentage of the poverty line.

How NGO in Pakistan Are Functioning?

                           Usually the funds to the NGO are given all the way through the donor agencies by banking or other legal channels. Sometimes third party or external audit is even linked up just for the sake of checking out the utilization of funds. Tax process in favor of the NGO is under the supervision of Income Tax ordinance of Pakistan. NGOs are not at all fully off the hook from income tax in Pakistan.

NGO In Pakistan For Children, Education

Ngo In Pakistan For Children, Education

Name City Address Founded Sub-Office Notes-Reference
Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization Islamabad House 73, Street 59, I-8/3, 2001 Islamabad,Skardu, Buner,Muzaffarabad This NGO is all aimed in providing the education to the people in relation with the poverty.
The Health, Education and Luminous Pakistan (The HELP) Islamabad Aorakzai Plaza, Khanna Bridge, Lehtrar Road. 2012 Abboattabad,Peshawar, Lakki Marwat,Peshawar Making Pakistan healthy and prosperous is the main aim of this NGO. They give away the education without getting into the differences of class, caste and creed.
Diya Pakistan Regd. Rawalpindi/Rahim Yar Khan Main Office: 27-B, Satellite Town, Rahim Yar Khan 1st January 1988 Sub-Office: 1304/474, Hassan Street, Defence Road, New Lalazar, Rawalpindi. They offer out the scholarships to the talented students so that they can bring end to the poverty in Pakistan.
Hamdam Foundation Hyderabad Auto Bhan Road Gido Naka near Animal Hospital opposite Ibraheem Khalil-ul-lah Mosque Hussainabad Hyderabad 28th February 2005   They are all engaged in giving up the quality education and trading training to the skillfull people.
Minhaj Welfare Foundation Lahore 366 – M, Model Town,Lahore. 17th October 1988   Give away the quality form of education and serve the poor students with the scholarships.
The Education Service Welfare Association (TESWA) Shaheed Banzirabad T.E.S Public School, Daur, District Shaheed Banzirabad. 2005   Provide education related with the health, education and welfare of the ordinary people.

So these were some of the popular and well known NGO that are excellent performing their duties all over Pakistan. If you think that these NGO’s are striving hard for the right cause then support them with your donations right now.


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