How To Get M-Tag Motorway Pakistan

 How To Get M-Tag Motorway Pakistan Complete Information is given here. As you know the road infrastructure of Pakistan is a little bit low. So, most commercial vehicles prefer to use motorways. Now the Frontier Work Organization FWO introduces M-Tag in place of an E-Tag. M-Tag refers to the registration of entry to the use of motorways. Now it is very compulsory to get M-Tag for commercial vehicles that want to travel on the motorway. Undoubtedly motorway is one of the best routes to travel.  Keep reading this article till the end will surely help you How to get M-Tag Motorway Pakistan.

How To Get M-Tag Motorway Pakistan Complete Information

People of Pakistan are looking for How To Get M-Tag. Previously E-Tag was working. But now E-Tag is replaced with M-Tag. Now it becomes compulsory for all commercial vehicles in order to use the motorway. It will be compulsory for all commercial vehicles from 31st March 2023 to entry towards the motorway. Here below you can easily find detailed information regarding How to get M-Tag Motorway Pakistan.

How To Get M-Tag



How M-Tag works?

The working of M-Tag is similar to E-Tag. It has a pre-paid RFID chip. The scanners that are installed in the toll booth read the chip by scanners. This toll booth scanner scans the balance you charged in the M-Tag and also the location of the entry. After exiting the toll booth, the appropriate amount was deducted by the scanners. Further details about the How To Get M-Tag Motorway Pakistan, are listed below;

How to apply for M-Tag?

If you want to apply for M-tag Motorway Pakistan, or want to know How To Get M-Tag Motorway, Keep follows the instructions listed below;

  • There is an office/ booth for issuance of M-Tag at Ravi or Babu Sabu toll plaza. You can go to the nearest toll plaza.

Provide following documents

  • Original CNIC
  • Vehicle Registration Book
  • Phone Number
  • In order to charge M-Tag pay the desirable amount
  • The vehicles that have no number plates or shall be applied for are not eligible to apply for M-Tag
  • Before M-Tag you must clear all E-Tag fines.

M-Tag Motorway Pakistan Recharge:

The method of recharging the M-Tag chip is simple and easy. You can transfer the amount of recharge through any bank. The Frontier Work Organization FWO also develops an app of M-Tag, through which you can easily find/ check your balance. The balance or recharge amount whatever, has no expiry date. You can also transfer your amount through easy paisa, jazz cash, or other big outlets such as Metro and Hyperstar, etc. once you lost your M-Tag chip or damage you can easily replace it without any cost.

You can also recharge your M-Tag through the following options,

  • Scratch Cards
  • Jazz Cash
  • Motorway Website
  • M-Tag Motorway App
  • Debit and Credit Card.

How To Get M-Tag


M-Tag Registration Online:

There is no any website or forum where we can go for M-Tag registration if we get any update about this in the future then we will update it here. M-Tag online registration is not available.

m-tag motorway app:

The m-Tag motorway app is available at the play store you can install it through this link  

m-tag motorway Pakistan price:

The price of registration of the M-Tag motorway is Rs.200.

Hopefully, you will get here the detailed material regarding your search. M-Tag has made solutions for us to gain entry on the motorway. It is replaced with E-tag and works somehow similarly to it. Without E-tag commercial vehicles are not able to enter motorway routes. How To Get M-Tag Motorway Pakistan Complete Information is given and you can get additional information from

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