How to Become a Pilot in Pakistan

Those interested in becoming pilots should read How to Become a Pilot in Pakistan Air Force and Commercial Pilot Details. Being a pilot is the dream job of every student. Every student wants to become a pilot in Pakistan and there are many ways to become a pilot in Pakistan, including becoming a commercial pilot, GD pilot, or pilot in the Air Force. Those students who want to become pilots by joining the Air Force must have received more than 65% on their FSC. After that, the candidate can apply for the GD pilot job and can appear in the different tests, including the medical tests, physical tests, and written tests. After passing all of these tests, the candidate will be sent for two years of training, during which he will learn everything there is to know about being a pilot.  Also, check the difference between GD pilot and Fighter Pilot.

How To Become A Pilot In Pakistan

In Pakistan, every parent has a desire that their children choose some special fields like engineering, medical, and the air force as a career. However, this fear is not fulfilled for every parent because there are not enough opportunities to continue in these fields. The procedure for becoming a commercial pilot is different from that of joining the Air Force and is discussed below in this article.

If you want to choose this field, then you should have perfect academic ineligibility, perfect physical health, and the most important thing, a strong financial position. From here you know How To Become A Pilot In Pakistan Air Force And Commercial Pilot.

How To Become A Pilot In Pakistan Air Force And Commercial Pilot

How To Become A Pilot In Pakistan Air Force:

Students who are looking for How to become a pilot in Pakistan Air Force can check the complete details. First of all, you have to meet the how to become a GD pilot in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria of joining Pakistan Air Force Pilot which is:

  • FSC with 65% or above marks
  • The minimum height of the candidate is 163cm
  • Must pass, a computerized test, Interview, physical test, and medical test


Airforce announces two times jobs in Pakistan Air force for the pilot post. After the announcement of the pilot jobs, candidates have to apply online at After that download the filled form and wait for the test. After passing all the tests you will be hired and sent to a course for becoming a pilot.

How To Apply For Air Force In Pakistan:

Vacancies for GDP are announced every 6 months by the Pakistan Air Force. The application must be submitted online. You will receive your test date after registering. After registering, you will receive your test date. There are multiple-choice questions in Physics, English, and Verbal and Non-Verbal.

 There will be a physical checkup after the initial test, followed by a first interview. Once you have cleared these tests, you must submit the ISSB application, and then they will contact you. Following the recommendation of candidates by ISSB, they will be contacted for a final medical test.

If the medical test is FIT, they will be scheduled for an Emotional Quotient Test and an Aeronautical Aptitude Test. Once you pass all of these tests, you will be called for training.So follow these steps if you want to know how to become a Pilot in Pakistan

Air force Pilot Requirements
Air Force Pilot called GD(P)
Stipend / Pay During training 40K — 50K PKR
Marks FSC 60%
Height 5.4
Training Period 4 years

How To Apply For Commercial Pilot In Pakistan:

Here we discuss with you how to Become a Pilot in Pakistan. Under the supervision of the CAA, you must enroll in a well-recognized flight school after graduating from high school. A preliminary exam and a medical examination will be administered.

After you complete your fitness testing, you will be selected for training to become a Student Pilot to earn a Student Pilot License (SPL).

After you’ve earned an SPL, you can qualify for a Commercial Pilot License.

Commercial Pilot Requirements
Total Expenses 400K — 500K PKR
Stipend 00 PKR
Marks FSC 60%
Height 5.4
Training Period 4 years ( SPL and CPL)

How To Become A Commercial Pilot In Pakistan:

If you are looking for how to become a commercial pilot in Pakistan then check all the details given on this website. These are the basic requirements that you must meet in order to become a pilot.

  • Candidate must have FSC or BSC Aviation
  • Age should be more than 17 years
  • Must hold clearance certificate from Local Police

Now Follow these steps:

Step 1: Enroll Yourself in Any Flying Club

Step 2: Get required training and complete 250 flying hours

Step 3: Now get a private pilot License

So if you are also planning to become a pilot then check the How to become a Pilot in Pakistan Air Force and Commercial Pilot details which we have discussed in this post in detail.

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  1. Hi
    I want to become a piolt. I have done intermediate and my age is 18 years old but my height is 158cm . anyone plz tell me what I’m do know

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    Please sir tell me if it is possible for arts students to become a commercial pilot?
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  3. hello sir i want to become a pilot in pakistan (lahore) i have done matric in 2015 i am 18 years old and i am leave my study till 2 years but sir i start my study again because i want to become a pilot tell me which college i join thank you

  4. i also want to become a pilot and i am studing in 2nd year .any person can tell me that which acadmi is best for pilot traning

  5. I cannot afford to become a Commercial Pilot, but I want to become a Commercial Pilot. How can I arrange a Financial Loan?? Its 34 Lakhs in Karachi, Pakistan at K.K.Aviation. Can someone help me in this matter. IT IS A BIG QUESTION. HOW CAN WE SOLVE THE FINANCIAL ISSUE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CANNOT AFFORD IT. Not everyone is a Millionaire or Carorepati in Pakistan

  6. Dear Sir
    My name is Rafiq Ahmed. I am 38 year old single. I am intermediate commerce with different technical course. Sir I want to become very good piolet. Can you tell me Can I make piolet. If yes then what should I do for become piolet.

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    Rafiq Ahmed.

    • You need to have had studied mathematics & physics in order to become a pilot.Furthermore you need to have a minimum of level 4 ICAO English. And above all MONEY it costs a lot to become pilot and price vary due to the fuel price at difference places.

      • A.o.A i have degree in double math physics i want to become a pilot i have a physical fitness am extra ordinary talented but i have no fincialy fit then what i do any help??? any other way to join this? what am do?

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    Plz tell me about marks in fsc
    Kitnay marks honay chahiye fsc m
    *AVIATION * join krnay k liiye???

  8. Hi,
    The above mention criteria is bullshit after you do 200 hrs you get cpl/Ir , but now comes the sad story ….you dont have any job cause airlines require atleast 1500 hrs of total time which includes 500 hrs on multi- engine aircraft…Now where would one get so many hours from ….No where can become an instructor which will take atleast 20 years to make such hrs…the only way is to have sifarish in pia and get in…otherwise there is slim chance for any job…so dnt waste your precise money and time


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    TeLL Me procedure to make a PioLet
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  10. AOA sir i want to become a pilot.i have got 899 marks in matric.i have started inter in preengineering.plz could u tell me how much long it takes and exactlyhow many money is required.i asked it from many people and they said it will take 32 lac rupees!!!!is it true??

  11. I’ve enjoyed reading this. I just have one question regarding the ten years of struggle; will I be provided a job during the training as to support myself financially? I’d be very thankful to you if you replied.

  12. I want to become a pilot recently i have done sscII from science please tell me further steps which i have to take to become pilot and also tell me the height require to be a pilot

  13. please some body can inform me.. that how much money is requie to achive a licence? after completing my aviation.

  14. Sir i passed the metric with 644 marks Computer science. I passend intermidate with ICS. May i became a pilot? Please guide me and it’s more education

    • salam! Above you can see the study structure where is mention that you can do Fsc in science Fsc in pre medical…after that you must be complete the course of aviation as bachelor’s honor that is total of four years. After you can tranning how to fly the plane…after apply for licence test flight before tranning test n than easily you can get the licence n apply for the pilot…
      Best of Luck.Dear 🙂

  15. I want to become a pilot.. I don’t no about the study of pilot . I just confuse about this study . I need your help so plz what I study to become a pilot ..
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    • matric k marks depend ni krty. inter mein minimum 50% ly k ap ko bs aviation managment ya aveonics ya koi b aviation related department mein admission ly k 4 saal ka hons complete krna hota hy.. ap during ya after ur corse apple kr skty ho cpl k liye jis k liye ap ko min 30 lac ka budget chaiye hota a


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