Difference Between GD Pilot And Fighter Pilot

Do you want to know that what is the main difference between GD pilot and fighter pilot? Well if it might come up with the little confusion, then you should not miss out reading with this post. Both GD pilot and fighter pilot is known out to be one of the major categories of the pilot profession. But both of them are coming up with the little differences between one another in respect with the job prospects and duties.  Most of the times when someone has a desire to become a pilot he or she event un-aware about the difference between these two different categories of pilots. But must keep in mind that there is a little bit difference between these two profession lines. So let’s figure out both of them one by one.

Difference Between GD Pilot And Fighter Pilot

Difference Between GD Pilot And Fighter Pilot

Who Are GD Pilots?

GD stands for General Duty pilots! In this category of the job, the pilots do come up with the duty as where they are performing the task to review the targets and the goals of their mission. They will be heading towards in preparation for their missions. Plus, they will be giving out the weather conditions to their department as well. If anyone wants to be the part of this team profession, then it is important that they should be having a complete understanding related with the existing and present intelligence. They must know how to read out the flight plan and also in terms of taking the participation in each and every single crew briefing. They must be sure with the fact that their air crafts and planes are in the suitable condition to fly off for the flights.

Who Are Fighter Pilots?

Now let’s talk about who fighter pilots are! Fighter pilot is associated with the military aviator and they are hence trained to put into the engagement of the air to air combat. These pilots are given out special form of training related with the categories of the aerial warfare all along with the dogfighting too. Being a fighter pilot is named out to be one of the most reputable and best positions inside the air force. Candidates who are applying for this job post, they should be physically fit and healthy alongside with the strong mental drive. The only difference that do make them different from DG pilots is that they are particularly not involved in checking the condition of the aircrafts. They are just concerned with flying the aircrafts and carry out the missions.

On the whole of this discussion, we would finally say that although GD pilot and fighter pilot perform different duties but both of them are regarded out to be reputable posts of the Air Force! Which one of them do you want to opt as the future profession!

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