International Women’s Day Speech In Urdu

The Best International Women’s Day Speech In Urdu is given in the below side for School, college and university students. So let’s start the International Women Day speech by not wasting time. No Nation can get prosperity until the women of that nation start working with their men. Every year we celebrate International women day on 8 March but most of us even don’t know its purpose. The purpose of International women’s day is to stop brutality on women, women education and other women problems. This day was first celebrated on March 8, 1907, in New York, America, by hundreds of garments worker women. They strike to get equal rights like men. Police and different agencies came up to stop this strike and dozens of women were injured. After this incidence, European countries established an international conference for women. Since then, this day (March, 8) is being celebrated as the day of women rights.

International Women’s Day Speech In Urdu

International women day indicates that the women are not only being abused in any specific cast, religion or nation but it is being abused in all around the world. They don’t have the status that they deserve in society. Women are not equally treated when it comes to men. This is one of the biggest reason for nations’ degradation. A country never progresses when the nation of that country neglect the rights of women.

International Women's Day Speech In Urdu

In the time of Jahiliyyah, the daughters were being buried on their birth which was a shameful and lamentable act. With the passage of Time different prophets including last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized on the rights of women. After the Arrival of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the women got the chance of living. In Islam, women have given their rights, as the daughter can get part from inheritance, she the owner of the property of her husband etc. Prophet Said, the person who will bear all the expenses of her daughter from her birth to marriage will surely get heaven.

International Women's Day Speech In Urdu International Women's Day Speech In Urdu International Women's Day Speech In Urdu

Like other countries, in Pakistan, the international women day is being celebrated on 8 March. Different seminars, conferences, and events are being organized on this day in which the importance of women rights is discussed. It is the disease of our society that women are not being equally treated. Pakistan is an Islamic country but when it comes to women rights, we are not giving the proper rights that they deserve. When a girl born, people don’t celebrate its happiness as they do on the birth of a boy. Daughter is the blessing of Allah but still it is not being accepted by our society especially in backward areas of Pakistan. There are many areas in Pakistan, where women are not allowed to get the education, as well as their rights, are not given to them.

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Women have also contributed to get separated homeland Pakistan. They also did many sacrifices to get a separate homeland. There are many women who faced the brutality but still represented Pakistan at many occasions. They proved themselves in every walk of life from sports to Science and technology. The awareness of women right has boosted in Pakistan which is a good step. If the women will get proper rights, then prosperity will surely come to our country.

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