What Is World Wide Web WWW In Urdu

Computer is been using in every field of life now days and a computer is incomplete without an internet connection. Yes of course! Now we can search anything anytime anywhere in the world while sitting on our seat. We made all these searches and get information through some web browsers and the websites. Both these things are commonly known as WWW which is the abbreviation of World Wide Web. In a web browser we type www.xyz.com/.pk/.org and get the relevant information we are wanting. But do you know what is WWW and how does it works? Well if not the don’t worry and just keep on reading with listening the tutorial which I have given for you about what is World Wide Web www in Urdu. You are learning the definition of WWW in Urdu with its meaning and all the relevant information about this topic. Scroll down this page to start this lesson.

What Is World Wide Web WWW In Urdu Definition Meaning

What Is World Wide Web WWW In Urdu Definition Meaning

World Wide Web WWW Definition In Urdu:

WWW or World Wide Web is also known as the Web which is a special system on internet which interconnects the different pages or you can say as the documents connected with one and another with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is known as WWW. Through WWW we can access to any website on any web browser to find out the relevant information. But remember that the Web is not actually the internet but it is nothing without internet and internet is nothing without www.

What Is World Wide Web Www In Urdu Definition Meaning

Till now I have discussed about what is World Wide Web www in Urdu definition and meaning. From now to onwards we are going to discuss about how does it works. So keep on reading…

How Does WWW Works?

The World Wide Web consists upon different technologies to retrieve the data for users from different recourses. It makes it easier for a user to access the required search to attain relevant information. There are different types of software and tools which works at a time behind the internet browser. This system is usually done by two different types of coding or special language; Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Whenever we have to make some search we have to use a web-browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox etc. After that we type the website address starting with www.xyz.com and open it or we can also search it through the search engines. Web browser provides the software interface that enables you to use your mouse cursor to move on screen and to click on the interlinked resources. The website address is also known as the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which is the actual representation of the website address or www.

Hence these are all the details about your query what World Wide Web WWW is in Urdu definition meaning. I am hoping that you are all now well aware with these details but in case of any further query or confusion you can ask through your comments box. Thank you!

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