What Is Content Marketing In Urdu Language

Content marketing is a very common term of promoting and selling the online products. These products could be a written material like information about something, images, videos or online fashion store etc. Well, there are different types of internet marketing such as through video channel marketing, social media marketing, display advertising marketing, content marketing and so on. Here on this page I am talking about content marketing and trying to convey my information about what is content marketing in Urdu language. But before starting our lesson, here I would like to mention that the term marketing is just use to sponsor a product but your purpose is not to sale it. You are just bringing the visitors and views on your page to increase the interest of market towards the product you are promoting. Similarly there are some important points which will more clear you about what is content marketing in Urdu Language. So keep on reading to clearer your viewpoint about this important topic.

What Is Content Marketing In Urdu Language

What Is Content Marketing In Urdu Language

Content Marketing Definition:

Content marketing is an online strategy to approach the interest of viewer through valuable, relevant and unique content. This content doesn’t only elaborate about what you want to deliver to a reader (customer) but it also acquires the profitable customer action.

  1. What is Content?

Commonly content is known as a written material in which information is gathered from different sources. But a real content has lots of technical details such as it is all unique, proper and well defined key words are clearly used, content is inter-linked with other pages to derive the reader on buying the product and above all the valuable information is given to a reader which actually attracts and grab the real online customers towards your product.

  1. What is Content Marketing In Urdu?

If we simply talk about marketing then it is a term of promoting a product. But when we are talking online marketing then the term divided into two different terminologies which is; the distribution content marketing and the second one is real marketing. These two types are described below…

  • Distribution Content Marketing:

The distribution content marketing is doing for deliver the specific information or just the news. This news could be about some educational update, it could be a launch of new model of mobile or electronics or it could be the promotion of something else like what fashion trend is going on these days. In this type of marketing the website holder is not earn directly from the customer but it earn against the ranking, number of visitors on your page, and there are some practical strategies which helps the blog owner to earn. Google Adsense is the biggest example of distribution content marketing.

  • Real Content Marketing:

When you are holding an online store or you are doing direct sales and purchase at your website. You can sale some gadget, electronic product or even you can also sale your services about to teach online or something else. So when you are doing this type of online business you have to write some valuable and authentic information about your product and services which elaborate the users about what you are selling. Your content should be attractive, unique and relevant so that the real-customer could response you’re back again your product.

Mostly people use the distribution content marketing. These are bloggers who made their blogs and write content on different categories to increase their ranking in Search Engine and to bring more and more views on their page. While the real content marketing is being used by the real owners like the Warid, Zong, Samsung, Nokia and Punjab university website or any other official website is the right example of real content marking because they are directly selling or promoting their products.

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Hence this is all about what is content marketing in Urdu Language. I am hoping that you are all now well aware with this detail but in case you have any further query or confusion, you can ask us through the comments section below of this passage. Thank You!

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