Q Connect Islamabad, Lahore, Terminal Location, Address, Online Booking No

This luxurious buss service Q-Connect has grabbed the passengers attention with its best services and top class features. This Q Connect would be giving you the chance to take yourself on the road travel in the complete and amazing 5 star experience in luxury and filled with entertainment and ambience. We would define it as the medium of the aircraft club-class cabin resting on the 4 wheels the state-of-art bus cruisers. The luxury style of this bus cabin makes the whole journey super exciting and amazing to try again and again! if you want to book your seat and want to get an estimate about fair then keep on reading this post which is about Q Connect Islamabad, Lahore, terminal location, address, online booking no. Through the way of this post you are getting all these details from this page so lets have a read out this post.

Q Connect Islamabad, Lahore, Terminal Location, Address, Online Booking No

Q Connect Islamabad, Lahore, Terminal Location, Address, Online Booking No

List of Important Features of QConnect:

  • This bus cabin has been adjusted with only 21 seats on the board. Ecah single seat is about 24-inch Club Class luxe design by means of the calf suppor.
  • Plus the bus has been all adjusted with the feature of the 19-inch entertainment console, as meant for each single seat. This makes the whole journey as nonstop entertainment.
  • On each single seat there is an access of the internet through which you acn stay connected with office, family and friends. You can charge your mobiles with the charging sockets that is readily provided in every seat
  • There is also the access of the Plug-in power for the sake of your tablet and laptop
  • You can play your favorite video games.
  • During the time of travel journey, you will be provided with the hot and cold beverage service.
  • You can easily do the booking of your seat with the easy way of the Pakistan’s first mobile app

Information About Q Connect Buses Fare:

              Well in order to have the exciting journey travel from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa the fare is about Rs. 3,300 per seat.

List of Q Connect Routes and Stations:

               Currently, the buses will run on top of the Lahore-Islamabad Route. Below we will be listing down with the stations and terminal locations for you:

  • Q Connect Lahore Terminal: Fortress Stadium
  • Q Connect Islamabad Terminal: Kashmir Highway

Details About Q Connect Contacts:

               If you want to enjoy the QConnect services and journey, you can make the booking through the eblow me

  • Phone: 0335 7777777
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Q Connect Official Website: http://qconnect.pk
  • Address: Q-connect, Fortress Stadium, Adjacent HyperStar Lahore, Pakistan

So what are you waiting for? If you have still not try the QConnect extraordinary traveling journey then without wasting any time book your tickets right now. It is superb exciting. We are sure that you would love traveling in it again and again!

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