Blossom Avenue Satiana Road Faisalabad, Map, Price Plan, Contact No

Blossom Avenue Satiana Road Faisalabad is named out to be one of the well known and best distinguished projects of housing schemes. It is basically an advanced project that is located in the city of Faisalabad. This project is basically categorized out to be known as the improved and much developed community. It has been all encountered with the beauty of the amazing and yet the beautiful landscape together . It do witness with the green trails that are breath-taking and are hence linked with the entire housing scheme in order to come about with the best and exclusive lifestyle. It is to be highlighted that this awesome Blossom Avenue is located in the prime location of Main Satiana Road, Faisalabad that is all readily accessible from all areas of the city. The Housing scheme is located in the hub of the Posh Housing Schemes and Educational Institutions of the city.

Blossom Avenue Satiana Road Faisalabad is seems out to be the modern gated community project that is offering a comfortable soothing living to the residents. This project is much appealing because of the comfort and luxury level it is offering in the standard lifestyle modes.  It is all giving out its residents with the high quality of transportation alongside with the hi-tech security, plus the clean environment, and yet the best town planning, saremco club and much more to come up with.

Blossom Avenue Satiana Road Faisalabad, Map, Price Plan, Contact No

Blossom Avenue Satiana Road Faisalabad, Map, Price Plan, Contact No

Main Features of Blossom Avenue Satiana Road:

  • It is considered out to be the mega and yet the well planned housing scheme.
  • It is the best town planning existing today in Faisalabad.
  • It is an advanced level of the gated community for the residents with the full proof 24 hours of security measurements.
  • It gives the soothing view of the lush green parks as well as landscapes plus the mini golf park and zoo entertainment for the kids.
  • Its main road is all settled with the commercial zone area with the coverage of the community center.
  • In its additional features it do offers out with school and gymnasium and also central mosque and health centers too. Hybrid Electricity plus RO Water Plant, gas, sewerage system and the society’s own transportation are some of its main best features.

To book a plot in this housing scheme, you need to fill up the application form. You have to pay Order for the booking amount as in favor of “ Blossom Avenue, Faisalabad”. You are also required to attach two copies of CNIC plus two passport-size photographs and also two copies of the Nominee’s CNIC.

Contact Details For Blossom Avenue Satiana Road Faisalabad

Site Office Address: Blossom Avenue Housing Scheme, Opposite Sargodha University, Lyallpur Campus, Main Satiana Road, Faisalabad.

Phone: +92 341 111 4888, +92 341 111 4999

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

So if you think that this housing society avenue is standing perfect in accordance with your needs and requirements, then book your plot right here now!


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