Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour

Are you looking for some of the Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour? As we all know, Karachi is known as the center point of the beaches. If you ever get the chance to visit Karachi, you will surely get to see several beaches in this city. Some of the well-known beaches are Hawks Bay, Sands Pit, French Beach, Gadani, and Paradise Point. These beaches can be considered one of the best choices for swimming and spending time at night with loved ones. After a stressful and hectic lifestyle, everyone likes to spend some moments with their family and kids at a beautiful place. So they like to prefer a picnic point where they can go with their family without any hesitation.

Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour

There are many Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour but you can choose which is suitable. The time is mentioned to the visitors in different reputed parks in every area of Pakistan. There are two ways of visiting a park with your family: with or without family. So the owners of the parks follow these rules very strictly and, during family time, single males are not allowed to visit the parks. Following is the list of some of the popular and best spots for a picnic in Karachi:

Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour

Some special picnic points where the atmosphere is not suitable for families, every famous park now sets their timing according to the requirements.

Top 10 Picnic Points In Karachi: Karachi Places Name List

If we talk about the Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour and here we tell you the list of best places. The picnic serves many purposes, the most important of which is that it allows you to spend quality time with your family members. Aside from that, there are numerous other advantages to participating in this activity. The first thing that changes after this activity is that you feel mentally fresh and good-behaved with your family and kids. Karachi is a big populated city in Pakistan and also popular with the city of lights. Let’s check out the detailed list of Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour below.

Mazaar-e-Quaid: Places To Visit In Karachi With Family:


Furthermore, at Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour, now we will tell you about another historical place that is called Mazaar-e-Quaid. The beautiful tomb was built for the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. So, this is the most visited area where foreigners, as well as Pakistani visitors, come with their families and friends. Its distance view looks beautiful due to its unique design and white marble. Besides this, Mazaar-e-Quaid is also surrounded by green gardens, and the atmosphere is very suitable for the family picnic point.

Sea View Karachi: Clifton Beach Karachi

Sea View Karachi

Sea view Karachi, which is also known as the name of Clifton Beach, Karachi is a very popular picnic spot where people like to enjoy not only the sand but also swimming in deep water. Before this, there were no rules and regulations to follow during the picnic by the seaside in Karachi. But after some dangerous incidents, the authorities are very strict with the visitors and you are not allowed in deep water. This public place is filled with visitors, especially on public holidays and other occasions.

During the picnic, you can enjoy different traditional foods. The place is best for children because they enjoy the camel rides, which are decorated with different colorful accessories. Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour are very popular among the people.

St Patrick’s Cathedral: Picnic Points In Karachi

St Patrick's Cathedral


St Patrick’s Cathedral is another most visited picnic point where not only Pakistani visitors are enjoying themselves but also tourists too. This is a unique design of architecture, and the height of this church is 52 meters, with an estimated 1900 people worshipping at the same time. Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour. The atmosphere of this point is so calm and peaceful and now restriction for the Muslims visitors and you can easily visit this holy place with their family and friends.

Frere Hall: Family Picnic Points In Karachi

Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour

This picnic place is a perfect choice for students because there are many historical things located at this place. This hall is also known as the grand exhibition hall. If you are Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour, then you should visit this historic place with your family, especially the kids. This hall is surrounded by beautiful green gardens, which give you a fresh atmosphere. This place is located in Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi Pakistan.

Hawks-Bay Beach: Places To Visit In Karachi For Couples

Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour

Hawks Bay beach is situated a couple of kilometers away from Sandspit Beach in Karachi. It is truly a natural beauty. It is the best place for people who enjoy weekend picnics, swimming, fishing, and camel and horse riding. It is an extremely hot and wonderfully sunny sand beach. This place is ideal for enjoying nice, warm weather.

(PAF) Pakistan Air Force Museum: Parks In Karachi

Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour

In each museum, there may be aircraft on display for the enjoyment and knowledge of the students and tourists. The Pakistan Air Force Museum is very popular because, in this museum, 29 aircraft are displayed. If you decide to visit this place, you must keep in mind that you must follow the instructions. Because the museum is under the army. Check Detail

Sandspit Beach: Best Family Park In Karachi

It is all situated in the southwest of Karachi. It is known to be one of the most famous tourist spots. It is one of the calm beaches from October to March and very rough during the monsoon. You can find here a great variety of marine lifealgae and crabs are found here. It is known as one of the most popular hangouts and relaxation spots in Karachi.

Paradise Point:

This place is located on the Arabian Sea, which is a famous beach in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. This place is all defined by the sandstone rock promontory with a natural arch. In this place, you can find beachside horse and camel rides, amusement parks, restaurants, and so many other entertaining things. It is located almost 50 kilometers northwest of Karachi.

Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim:

This is all located in Clifton, New Jersey. This place was introduced in the year 2007. This is known as Pakistan’s biggest park and is being constructed under the Clifton Beach Development Project on 130 acres of land. More than 10 million people visit each year.

Safari Park:

This place is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town. It is similar to a zoo for children. It is set up on Main University Road, covering an area of 300 acres. It was established at a cost of $2 million. In this pandemic situation, these Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour are the best choice.

I hope you make a memorable picnic journey with this list Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour. So Karachi is a famous city and the main business hub in Pakistan and we tell you about the most popular and well-maintained Picnic Points In Karachi Family Tour which is suitable according to the family requirements.

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