Best Swimming Pool In Karachi

Swimming is the weakness of all of us. Whenever we are in tension and in stress, all of us then really wanted to have a shift of swimming. If you get in hand the best swimming pool centres then you can be one of the lucky ones. In this post, we will let you know about the best swimming pool centres in Karachi. Most of the swimming pools in Karachi are in Defence, they are also in dha, gulshan and in gulistan e jauhar. They offer separate swimming pools for ladies. You can have cheap as well as highly expensive swimming pools, it depends that what services are offered by these swimming pools. Read the below details and get to know that how many famous swimming pool centres does this city have!

Best Swimming Pool In Karachi 

Best Swimming Pool In Karachi

Paragon Swimming Pool in Karachi:


It is a lady gym and also a swimming pool in Karachi. It is located in F B Area. It remains open for 6 days a week and swimming pool remains open for 5 days a week. From here, you can also get a chance to get admission in swimming classes at a very cheap rate. Address of this swimming pool is C 65, Block 6 FB Area, Karachi. Phone No. 021-36366386

 KMC Swimming Pool in Karachi:


Its address is Block f, Karachi and you can make a Contact at: 34524137. It is also one of the best swimming pool centres and offer all kinds of services that a basic swimming pool centre can offer.

DHA Swimming Pool in Karachi:


We can say that it is one of the best and remarkable swimming pools in Karachi. If you want to get its membership, then its fee for one month is almost 2000/- and the registration fee is about 25 thousand rupees. This swimming pool has clean and hygienic water and you can all the time swim in its swimming pools in all the seasons.

Pavilion End club Swimming Pool in Karachi

It is fifty meters long. It is thebest swimming pool in Karachi. You can have its membership is for a period of 1 year. Its address is Main Rashid Minhas Rd, Adjacent to Aladin Park, Karachi and you can make a contact with this phone number 0321-8755731

Naval Simmin Pool Karsaz in Karachi:


This swimming pool is managed by Pakistan Navy. You can get membership of this swimming centre at a very reasonable price. All the members of army can avail the services of this pool but civilians can only utilize the services of this pool on some specific days. Its address is Naval Physical Training and Sports Centre and Swimming Pool, PNS Karsaz, Near Arena, Maritime Museum Karsaz, Karachi

Bahria Swimming pool in Karachi:


It is also one of the most demanding swimming pools in Karachi. It is seen that this swimming pool is the highly specialized one. They have separate pools for men, women as well as for kids.

Greenland Swimming pool in Karachi:


It is also one of the best swimming pools in Karachi. The minute you will get registered in this pool centre, you will fall in love with its environment.


Karachi Gymkhana Swimming Pool in Karachi:


This swimming pool has a total length of25 meters. They have swimmers trainers as well as coaches for ladies and men. They have very clean pool water and you will also be getting refreshment from here. Its address is Karachi Gymkhana, 4 Club Rd, Karachi and you can make a contact with them on this number.021-35689173-4

Karachi Club Swimming Pool in Karachi:

It has a length of 25 meter and 1it is 3 meter wide. It has a depth of14.5m. It is perfect for open air swimming. Children swimming facilities as well as coaching for ladies swimming are also provided. We have also seen that some of its members are Pakistan swimming record holder. Its timings are from 7 to 10 pm. Ladies swimming days are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Its address is Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Rd, Karachi and you can make a contact with them on the number of 021-35689571-2

So, these are all the best and famous swimming pool centres in the city of Karachi. If you want to learn swimming or you want to do regularly do swimming but you do not have in hand some reliable kind of swimming pool centre then the above written swimming centres can be opted. If you ever try out these swimming pool centres then do let us know too that how you find them. Stay connected with us and get all the information and facts and figures about all the swimming pool centres that are located in the city of Karachi. It is time to take a real breath and it is the time to make a dive into a fresh water.

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