Nadeem Sarwar Nohay 2023 New Album List

Nadeem Sarwar nohay 2023 new album has been released and list of all tracks is available here. Nadeem Sarwar full name Syed Nadeem raza Sarwar is a Pakistani Noha, naat and manqabat reciter and poet who is world famous for noha recites. Nadeem Sarwar’s unique style of Noha recitation is very appreciated by shia and sunni community as well he is considered as best Noha reciter. Nadeem sarwar got famous from 1980s when his nohas got famous overseas. After that Nadeem started releasing up to 9 and 12 Nohas every year. Besides this Nadeem Sarwar has also published his book comprising of nohas. He has also recited several nohas in many other languages including Sindhi, Sariki, Punjabi, Pushto, Pourbi, Hindi, Gujarati, Persian, Arabic, English and French. Nadeem Sarwar used to recite nohas since his childhood. When he was of four he started Noha Khuwani with his mother and father. At present nadeem Sarwar is married and have 3 children.

Nadeem Sarwar Nohay 2023 New Album List

Nadeem sarwar keeps going to different foreign countries for Noha Recitation and majlises, peoples from other countries invite him for manqabat and noha recitation. A special element of his Nohas is that they are always depicting the sorrows of Muslims for regarding this Islamic month of Muharram-ul-Haram. Here we are providing you the list of Nadeem Sarwar’s Nohas from the 2023 album. All the tracks of Nadeem Sarwar from 2023 albums are listed here with their original title names.

Nadeem Sarwar Nohay 2023 New Album List

Nadeem Sarwar Nohas album 2023

  1. Azadar-e-Hussain
  2. Mashallah Karbala
  3. Badshah Hussain As
  4. Bismillah
  5. Alam Hamara Hai
  6. Ya Zehra S.A Ali A.S
  7. Maula Mere
  8. Abalfazl
  9. Aye Musafir
  10. Hussain Labbaik
  11. Zindabad Ya Hussain
  12. Maula Madiney Waley
  13. Taboot e Hussain
  14. Zainab Bibi Ujar Gayi Hai
  15. Musa Ibn Jaafar
  16. Hussain Jog Hum Dey (Sindhi)
  17. Yeh Meri Dua Hai
  18. Salaam ullah
  19. Allah Allah Min Raas
  20. Kya Hum Bhi Tumhain

Hence the list of Nadeem Sarwar Nohay 2023 new album has released and available for you. You can visit Nadeem Sarwar Nohay 2023 on Youtube official channels. Mah-e-Ashura is just coming and we are preparing for it with sins to become participants in the sorrow and commemorative of Happenings in Karbala.

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