Mobilink Mobitunes Codes List 2021

If you want to get Mobilink Mobitunes Codes List 2021 New Indian Songs then yes you are in right place because through this page you can get complete details that are based on Mobilink cash tune activation and deactivation. Mobilink Jazz is one of the best telecom companies that is providing telecommunication facilities with the effective method that is the reason Mobilink Company market share is increase day by day and this thing is showing Mobilink jazz call, internet and SMS packages are good for their clients. Here we want to mention Mobilink Jazz Company is also providing value-added services and Mobilink Mobitunes is one of the services. This service is very unique for mobile users because usually after calling your caller tune is based on just one beep but if you want to get any song or another caller tune then Mobilink is providing all these facilities through the latest technology now in below you can get more details about Mobilink Mobitunes activation and charges. Jazz Mobitunes Code list is as follows.

Mobilink Mobitunes Codes List 2021 New Indian Songs

Mobilink users can check the Mobilink Mobitunes Codes List 2021 for New Indian Songs which are given on the below side. On this website, we are sharing the trending Mobitunes for Mobilink customers which are as follows.

Mobilink Mobitunes Codes List 2021 New Indian Songs

Mobilink Mobitunes Subscription Method:

Mobilink Mobitunes can be easily activated by following the below methods. There are two different methods for activating Mobitunes on your mobile number including through Call or through SMS. Both procedures are given on the below side. So follow any of the below procedure to activate Mobilink Mobitunes

  • Open Write Message
  • Type SUB and send to 230

Method Two:

  • Just dial 230 through your Mobilink number

Un-Subscribe Method for Mobilink Mobitunes:

  • Send Unsub and send it to 230

Charges of Mobilink Mobitunes:

  • VR. Charges Rs. 0.72/Min (By dialing 2301)
  • IVR Charges Rs. 2.84/Min (By dialing 230
  • SMS Charges is 7.99 plus tax (through SMS)
  • Subscription Charges are 7.99 plus tax.

In the following table, you are getting the Mobilink Mobitunes codes to list 2021. You can subscribe the Mobitunes to any jazz caller tune according to your wish and desire. Well, the best option for you to choose a caller tune is to make a call at Mobilink customer care center.

Mobilink Mobitunes Codes List 2021:

There are different categories that you can choose while activating your Mobilink Mobitunes. The code of the best and trending Mobitunes or caller tunes are as follows. So check these code and activate it today.

# Title Artist / Movie Category RBT code
1 Maahi Ve Highway Asian 268645
2 Patakha Guddi Male Meethe Paan Highway Asian 289499
3 Patakha Guddi Female Meethe Pa Highway Asian 289496
4 Sooha Saaha Highway Asian 268648
5 Patakha Guddi Female Highway Asian 289493
6 Wanna Mashup Highway Asian 268650
7 Woh Jo Ankhon Se Pila De Murder On Highway Asian 210199
8 Patakha Guddi Female Tu To Paa Highway Asian 289497
9 Patakha Guddi Male Tu Le Naam Highway Asian 289500
10 Suno Bhai Chacha Murder On Highway Asian 210198
11 Wanna Mash-Up Highway Asian 289506
12 Tu Kuja Hey Abhaybhayankar Highway Asian 289505
13 Sooha Saaha Highway Asian 289501
14 Patakha Guddi Female Maalik Ne Highway Asian 289494
15 Maahi Ve Highway Yeh Jeena Bhi Highway Asian 289492
16 Maahi Ve Highway Kahe Sataye Highway Asian 289490
17 Kahaan Hoon Main Highway Asian 289487
18 Heera Highway Asian 289485
19 AAP Jab Yaad Karenge Murder On Highway Asian 210195
20 Patakha Guddi Female Maine To Highway Asian 289495

Mobilink MobiTune Codes Noha

Shabir Ka Lal Ali Abid
      Main Ujri Da Naseeb Apna 139131
Zehra Wangun Dhi Zahra Di
Baba Mara Dar Jaladiya
Pak Damna Ay Bibi
     Musa Kazim Musa Kazim 139132
Hussain Yun Hoy Mujri
Wah Hussain
Karbala Karbala 141027
Zahra Ka Laddala Bejurm
Koi Toh Lao Hussain Jaisa 141049


Mobilink MobiTunes Codes Indian


Ek Bewafa Hai 154823
Ek Dilruba Hai 154824
Kaise Piya Se 154826
Kehta Hai Kabutar 154828
Pyaar Ka Anjaam 154829
Pyaar Ki Raahein 154830
Mere Mehboob Sun 158671
Baalam Tera Nakhra 154832
Jag Lal Lal Lal Lal 1 154834
Jag Lal Lal Lal Lal 3 154836
Piya Jab Se More Naina 154838
Biwi No. 1 154839
Hai Hai Mirchi 154841
Ishq Sona Hai 154842
Aan Milo 154844
Mehboob Mere 154845
Chalo Ishq Ladaaye 154847
Masti Masti 154848
Pote Ki Dulha Banaongi 154850
Tujhko Hi Dulhan Banaonga 154851
Aisa Champion Kahan 154852
Ek Ladki 154853
Jatt Lutiya Gaya 154854
Koi Deewane Ko 154855
Lelo Lelo 154856
Just Do It 126384
Tu Nikla Chhupa Rustam 158675
Chamma Chamma 154857
Aa Jaana Aa Jaana 154858
Coolie No.1 154859
Husn Hai Suhana 154860
Jeth Ki Dopehri Mein 154861
Kiya Manju Kiya Ranjha 154862
Tere Pyar Mein Dil 154864
Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai 158676
Jab Se Tumhein 154866
Kaha Kare Koi 154867
Meri Jaan Hai Tu (Part 2) 154868

Mobi Smart Tunes Codes Naat

Hai Kalam E Ilahi Mein Sham 144410
Kalam E Saif Ul Mulook 144413
Mein Shouq Kooe Rasool Rakhta 144415
Wah Kiya Jo Do Karam 144418
Jhul Barawan Dekh Madina 144421
Mere Maula 144424
Sarkar Ka Karam Ho Gaya 144426
Ghustakh E Muhammad Ab Teri Kh 144429
Kamli Wale Ka Sarapa 144432
Mere Sohne Mahi 144434

Mobilink MobiTunes Codes English

100023 Speed of Sound
100024 Gasolina
100025 Like Toy Soldiers
100026 When Im Gone
100027 Your Beautiful
100028 Get Right
100029 I Don’t Care
100030 Pon De Replay
100031 Aint no Sunshine When Shes Gone
100033 Ma Baker
100034 Hound Dog

After Mobilink Mobitunes Codes List 2021 New Indian Songs if you want to get different company’s call, SMS, and internet packages then visit this website’s main home page.

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