Zong Caller Tunes Codes List 2020

Zong has updated its Zong Caller Tunes Codes List 2020 for its customers. We are also sharing the latest Zong Dial Tune Code list in below side, so read all given information and through this information, you can easily understand its activation method and charges detail. Zong call tunes help you to customize your dial tune so that whenever a person call you he/ she will listen to your favorite song instead of old Beap or dial tune. how to get Zong dial tunes codes list according to the different category and how to activate dial tune with all this you can also get daily, monthly and weekly charges that will charge against Zong caller tunes. You can also adopt the caller tune of any person by dialing a specific code which is also given in the below side too.

Zong Caller Tunes Codes List 2020

Zong is one of the five telecom companies of Pakistan which are also offering different services to their customers including Dial tunes or caller tunes. Now a person can set his favorite song or dialogue as his call tune by following the below given Zong Caller Tunes Codes List 2020 in Pakistan.

Zong Caller Tunes Codes List 2020

Zong  Dial Tune 2020:

Zong is offering Zong Dial Tune 2020 to its customers by dialing a single code to help them to let their caller listen to their favorite song. Zong Call Tune List 2020 is given in the below side so that you can choose the best dial tune. if you are decided you want active dial tone on your Zong number then activation method is very easy just dial 230 or send Reg to 230 means you can subscribe this service through this dial code and you must have knowledge against this subscription.

Sta Pa Pukhto Sta Pa Gh01481954
Nazar E Karam01481955
Waqt Das Da Mohabbat01481949
Yada Baresa01481950
Zeba Zeba01481951
Zra Rata Kar01481952
Non Magray Pam Man01481945
O Kebene Kantiyan01481946
Ost Nadan01481947
Ustati Kapes01481948
Wai Sang La Dey Darzam01481942
Mehr O Mohabbat01481943
Neki Na Mohabbat01481944
Tokhe He Chahiyo Aa01481938
Ton Ali Ton Walii Aa01481939
Wisare Witho Aan01481940
Ta Chey Rako Peghor Da Gharebey01481941
Nadri Umair Athae01481933
O Pardesi Aa01481934

Zong Caller Tune Price 2020:

Zong is offering Zong call tune in reasonable price. You can activate to daily and monthly subscription package which is as follow.

Package Subscription Charges Registration Package Switching
Daily (1 Day) Rs 1.78+Tax Sub or REG to 230 Send (MODBRAND 1) to 230
Monthly (30 Days) Rs 25+Tax Can be activated via Zong E-care portal & 310 Helpline Send (MODBRAND 19) to 230

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This is the complete detail of Zong Caller Tunes Codes List 2020. Activation charges for these Dial tune are also mentioned in the above side. So must check the charges before activation of Zong Caller tune service.

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