Driving License Verification Sindh Karachi

Government of Sindh has introduced Driving License verification for Sindh domicile holders. Sindh Driving License department is one of the departments of Sindh Police which issues driving licenses and permits to drives. It helps to regulate driving laws, road laws and driving ethics in this province. Talking about the driving license, it is one of the most important documents in your pocket like CNIC. Without having driving license you cannot drive vehicle on roads and if you will find driving vehicle on road without having license then you are doing something illegal and you will be fined or may charged due to illegal activity. It is important to know that you have to go through different tests to get this license. Sindh Police has also introduced driving license verification Sindh procedure. Now you can verify your driving license in Karachi, Kairpur, Ghotki and Nawabshah.

Driving License Verification Sindh Karachi, Kairpur, Ghotki, Nawabshah

Driving License Verification Sindh Karachi, Kairpur, Ghotki, Nawabshah

Now a day, the fake driving license has hit the market. People usually got Chillan in Sindh by Police because they days that the license you are showing is fake. Now how to identify fake driving license in Sindh. Moreover, if you have recently applied for the driving license and want to verify your license then the procedure is the same for both reasons.

Driving License Verification Procedure:

In order to verify a driving license online at home in Ghotki, Karachi, Khairpur or Nawabshah than you have to visit dls.gos.pk. After going on this website now click on verify your license in order to verify your license online. There you will find verify your license now, in which you have to put your CNIC number and then have to click on verify to verify your license. After clicking verify button if your license is real then your data will be displayed on your computer or mobile screen. In case your data is not finding then your license is fake. If your license is not fake but still your data is not showing then you have to visit your nearest DLS office. If you are in Karachi then you can also verify Driving license verification Karachi from DLS Karachi.

Verify Now

Driving License Department Karachi has also introduced a Mobile phone application under name Driving License Sindh. You can download this application from the Google Play or Apple store and can verify your license by using this application.

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