How To Get Driving License in Pakistan

The license  is key for driving in anywhere. You can say without a license you are driving  then you consider a criminal. Nowadays Pakistani people driving his vehicle without license and ruined the lives of innocent civilians. To stop this type of an accident Pakistan introduce a policy of ‘Driving License’. It is the big step from traffic police to saving the  lives of people. Sometimes an accident gives pain to single family whose members are becoming the part of an accident . So that’s why our Government take decision to prevent these an accident. So if you are seeking for getting the driving license in Pakistan. You should be aware about how to get driving license in Pakistan which method is written in the downwards with details and I am hoping this post will provide very beneficiary for all of you.

Driving License Test Centers In Lahore Pakistan 

How to get driving license in Pakistan

How To Get Driving License in Pakistan

Conditions for Getting Driving License in Pakistan

First step to getting the driving license is that candidate whose age is 18 or above then they can make the driving license. If age does not fulfill the 1st and the basic requirement of the license then he cannot apply for the driving license. When you apply for a license then you must have to take the classes carefully under traffic police.

2nd step of driving license is that candidates must have to pass the oral and practical exam. The applicant must have an Identity card and domicile. The very common thing is that a candidate can read the vehicle number from a fix distance about 20.5 meters. So  applicant should have glasses if he’s an eye is weak.

Needed documents

1-      2 passport size photographs

2-      CNIC copy

3-      Driving license form

4-      Driving license tickets from GPO Lahore of cost 900 Rupees

5-      Medical report

Get up early in the morning and go to straight away the reception of traffic police and get an application and medical fitness certificate its price is only 5 rupees. After filling the form attached to it a CNIC copy and passport size pictures. The 1st step is data entry. Your data will enter manually by the officer into the computer system.

After that you get a medical report from the medical officer for 100 rupees. The medical officer will check your eyesight which should be 6 by 6 or 6 by 9 with or without glasses. If you pass your physical fitness test then you submit the form with the tickets and fee at the counter. There will display the different categories of driving license. At last learners permit will issue you that will valid for a year.

After getting the learners license you can apply for a permanent license after 42 days. It depends on you if you submit the medical test and fee after 42 days then you can get a permanent license very soon. The common factor in these licenses is driving test. If you get 80% marks in 3 sections of driving skills, traffic rules and signs then you can get easily permanent license.

After all , a policeman conducts a practical driving test and observe your driving skills on the road where he likes. If anybody fails due to any hurdle then he can apply again after passing the 42 days. So driving skills must be strong when you are driving with a policeman. Do not lose your temper and take easy.

So guys this is how to get driving license in Pakistan. I hope you understand every point of getting driving license and have no more difficulty for you.

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