How To Make Money Online In Pakistan In Urdu

If you want to rich in few days than sorry this all information is not fruitful for you and if you want earn handsome money within few months than yes how to make money online in Pakistan in Urdu Topic is perfect for you so read it. In beginning you can get very short amount per month but gradually you can get this field expertise and in further you can get more than $500 per month. Now in below we are sharing earning few way within internet field this all information are available in Urdu so you can easily understand what we can say. Online earning has become a vital source of earning among students and girls who dont want to go out of home for some job. This is a respectful profession through which one can earn a handsome amount on daily, weekly and or monthly bases. Here below I am discussing about how to make money online in Pakistan in Urdu with different ways for it…

Three Easy Ways To Make Money Online In Pakistan

  1. O-Desk
  2. Fiverr
  3. Blogging

How To Make Money Online In Pakistan In Urdu

How To Make Money Online In Pakistan In Urdu

  1. First internet earning source is O-Desk if you have designer, Social Media operator and Coding skills than you can earn money in home just focus on you Job profile if your profile are strong and you can received few good comment by client than yes in future you can earn hourly through O-Desk interment market.
  2. Second Market named Fiverr through this internet earning source no need to search any job if you have inpage skills and you convert English lines in Urdu speedily or you have skill made mobile tones and you can sale your services with negotiable rate foreign currency so just visit Fiverr Homepage.
  3. Now third last internet way of earning source is Blogging if you have skill write articles on different topics that based on minimum 300 words than this way is perfect for you. Just create blog on WordPress and Blogger and write good content with all this you have to need SEO Marketing and your Blogg Designing after few months you can get Traffic through Affiliate, Adsens and Infolinks you can get Ads and earn handsome amount. Now in below side how to make money online in Pakistan in Urdu are available for you.

after this interesting information if you want internet fields earning ways Article  than just visit this website main home page and through make money category you can get different post that will fruitful for you.


  1. Bhai jaan me kaafi time se is chez ko dekh rha hun k net se paise kaise kamaate hain per muje abi tak aik cent ka b faida nai hua yaar ap help kar do taa k me kuch kma sakun thore hun ya ziada koi baat nai per hun to shi na


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