How To Choose Tough Blogger Career In Pakistan

Few years ago peoples consider it as fake to earn online but blogging has made it possible. Now hundred and thousands of Pakistani peoples are also doing this online business while sitting at home. If you also want to start blogging career in Pakistan then I suggest you to read out this post where you will get details about how to choose tough blogger career in Pakistan. During the past few years Blogging and social media have become the topic of discussion. No one could assume that online media would replace our traditional media and too much blogging not consider as interest.  But being a Pakistani it is very difficult to become a Blogger. Here we are discussing about the problems which one has to face to become a blogger. Asides this we are telling that how useful and important to become a blogger. We are Pakistani with good thinking, hard working and determination qualities for success.  We have to face many hurdles and problems during choosing a career for future. Before choosing a career, many questions take place in our minds. You want to become a doctor, engineer or blogger, you have to face criticize by the people. When we talk about blogging to any one, their answer must be what is blogging? There are many reasons that Pakistan is not producing bloggers and why its career is not easy.

How To Choose Tough Blogger Career In Pakistan

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan

Lack of Awareness:

Awareness is most important for development of Pakistan similarly awareness is also important for the blogging.

  • Someone: What you do?
  • Me: I do blogging.
  • Someone: Blogging? What is its meaning?
  • Me: I run website and earn money through it.
  • Someone: Good, you design website?
  • Me: Yes.

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan,

This type of conversation takes place in many bloggers due of lack of awareness of blogging in Pakistan. There is lack of awareness of blogging in Pakistan that is why it is difficult to tell about it to others.

Educational Pressure On Students:

As we know that there is huge pressure of education on students. Getting education is not a difficult task but our education system has no proper planning for students. There is pressure of class work, tuition work and exams pressure on students therefore they do not participate in such activities. If you ask question about blogging to a master degree holder student than mostly fail to answer this question and few will answer correctly. That is why we should overcome the pressure and take part in such activities.

Make Quick Money Through Job:

In Pakistan everyone wants to get good education and want to get good job. if they are not than they have to find them. In Pakistan most of the people are not doing good jobs but their focus is to earn money either it is less or more. Most of the people waste their time precious time to find a good job. Similarly if we talk about blogging to someone they answers by saying that they don’t want to waste their time on this. If they start working on blogging on right time, their future can be bright.

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan

Blogging Without Knowledge:

No born talented as well as educated in this world. Everyone start from basic level and after getting knowledge of that work he become experienced. It is difficult to start blogging without getting education. There are only few institutes in Pakistan which provides blogging education. When we start blogging many questions rises in our minds which are written below.

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan..

Blogging Guideline:

If you want to do blogging and ready to do than you will face following problems.

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan

Writing Skills:

You have to write good essay/ article to write in blog. You have to learn more and more to write well in blogging so you can write well. You should write in English language in blogging.


When someone starts guiding you than it’s depends on you that who good you are learning. It’s all depends on you.

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan,,,

Google Adsense:

I have seen many blogs which are closed due to not acceptances by the Google Adsense. It takes time in acceptance by Google Adsense so you have to try alternates by which you can run your blog.

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan,.

Part Time or Full time Blogging:

I am a student of Engineering but I want to make blogging as my profession. I have no experience and education for blogging so what come to may in future with me? Am I capable to do blogging? And can I earn good?

how to choose tough Blogger career in Pakistan

This is a question which rises in bloggers mind in Pakistan. This question not only rises in engineering’s students but also in every subject’s students. Believe me you can earn through blogging which you can not earn by doing job. There are many examples in Pakistan, who have start blogging along with studies and now they are earning well. But it is compulsory to make blogging as your profession. There are many risks in blogging that your traffic may decrease due to any reason or your website can be hacked. Risks are everywhere and there is no field where risk doesn’t exist.

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