.Pk Domain Registration In Pakistan Procedure Guide Price

If you want to start your blog or website then you must have knowledge about .Pk domain registration In Pakistan Procedure Guide Price also with easy and quick method. Guys this is a reality and we cannot deny in Pakistan web hosting and we blogging business is getting boom day by day because this is global world. In this global world everyone can get connectivity with each other through internet. Here we want to mention on example these day all private and government job is available on internet through website and any other online work is available in front of you through website portal. Each website is based on one name that is called domain, for example OLX.pk. OLX wording is called domain name so through “PKNIC” you can get online domain registration procedure.

Pk Domain Registration In Pakistan Procedure Guide Price

.Pk Domain Registration In Pakistan Procedure Guide Price

How to Registered Domain Name:

Through PKNIC you can register your domain

On fist Stage register yourself as new PKNIC users

Click here for Domain Users registration form 

  • Enter below information and get new users registration.
  1. Organization name
  2. Role name
  3. Contact first name
  4. Contact last name
  5. Address
  6. City
  7. Country
  8. state/province
  9. zip/code or postal code
  10. Email address
  11. Verify email address
  12. Phone number
  13. Username
  14. Password
  15. Verify password
  16. Password
  17. Verify password
  18. Password question
  19. Password answer


After this procedure you can get PKNIC new user account through this user account you can easily manage your account.

PK Domain Registration important highlights:

through PKNIC you can get different domain that name is given below.

  • .PK         General Second Level Domains without .com.pk etc Suffix
  • .COM.PK              General Business, or Individual
  • .NET.PK                Network Related Business
  • .ORG.PK               Non-profit Organizations
  • .FAM.PK              Family and Individuals
  • .BIZ.PK  General Business, Promotional
  • .WEB.PK               Web Sites
  • .EDU.PK               Educational Institutes
  • .GOV.PK              Domains for Government of Pakistan
  • .GOB.PK               Domains for Government of Baluchistan
  • .GOG.PK              Domains for Government of Gilgit Baltistan
  • .GKP.PK               Domains for Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • .GOP.PK               Domains for Government of Punjab
  • .GOS.PK               Domains for Government of Sind
  • .GOK.PK               Domains for Government of Azad Kashmir

PK domain Price:

PKR 2000 to PKR 2500 you can get domain through PKNIC

 after .Pk Domain Registration In Pakistan Procedure Guide Price details if you want to get which web hosting company is beast for your website then visit this website main home page.

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