What Is Blogging In Urdu

Most of the Pakistani want to know What Is Blogging In Urdu. Do you have a specific question in your mind or want to share your knowledge with others? Blogging provides you a platform where you can publish your data online on a website. One who does blogging is called as a blogger but a blog is not a website until it is registered with a domain or WordPress is installed in it. Peoples are using blogs for different purpose like to advertise their company, grouping to share data to different persons on a topic especially in shareholding companies. But one of the most use full and use to the purpose of blogging is to earn online money. You just have to get familiar about how to start blogging career in Pakistan. Here I am telling you about what is blogging. After reading this post you will learn how to make a blog for free and how to earn money through blogging which is all written here.

What Is Blogging In Urdu

Those who want to become a blogger in Pakistan must have to check what is blogging in Urdu. It is not easy to become a blogger unless you have complete information about blogging.

What Is Blogging In Urdu Discussion Topics

  • What Is Blogging in Urdu?
  • What is the meaning of blog, Blogger and Blogging
  • Why We Create a Blog?
  • How To Start Blogging?
  • Benefits Of Blog

what is blogging in urdu

What is Blogging In Urdu?

The word blog is derived from “WebLog” which is actually your personal online diary. But there is a difference between a personal diary and a blog diary. Your personal diary is limited to you or some specified peoples but a blog can visit by the whole world anywhere through internet. So blog is an online platform which provides you a layout to add your personal data and to publish it for reading others. You can add a writing material like intro about a product, you can write news, and you can also publish a picture or video on your blog. So doing all this process is called as blogging and one who do this is called as a blogger. So check What Is Blogging In Urdu.

what is blogging in urdu

Blog, Blogger and Blogging Meaning:

Now you must be familiar with the what is the meaning of blog, blogger, and blogging. Meaning of Blogging is discussed in the above passage “what is blogging in Urdu”. A person who is managing a blog and publishing different materials on his / her blog is called a blogger. And a blog is a web layout which provide a platform on which one can share his services with other visitors on the search engine. There are two types of blog; One is free blog just to share your data and services while the second type of blog is domain hosting blogs which are also known as a website.

How to Start Blogging In Urdu?

There are different blogging websites like blogger.com, tumbler and weebly.com but wordpress.com is one of the best and easier website to create a blog. So you have to open blogging website and click on design or create a blog button. After that you can design your blog start blogging. Till this you are creating a free blog, while if you want to make an earning blog with domain, you are also required to contact with hosting companies in Pakistan to choose a blog hosting. So check how to start blogging in Urdu from here.

How to start free blog with WordPress in Urdu tutorial

How to start free blog with blogger in Urdu tutorial

Why We Create a Blog?

As I have written in the above passage that there are two types of blogs; self-hosting blogs and the others are web-hosting blogs. self-hosted or free blogs are created for just to share services and information with others without any earnings. While the web-hosting blogs are created to earn online money. for these blogs, one has to buy a domain from web-hosting company. If you become familiar with how to start tough blogging career in Pakistan, then you can earn more then $500 per month through blogging.

Benefits of Blogging in Urdu

There are number of benefits of blogging in Urdu. You can read these benefits in Urdu from the below-given page.

  • Learning Opportunity
  • Sharing Your Own Ideas
  • Explore your mind and Ideas
  • Good Source of Earning
  • Easy to Manage and Hold

what is blogging in urdu Tutorial

So this is all about what is blogging in Urdu along with the difference between blog, blogger, and blogging? Why we create a blog, How to start blogging and benefits of blog. Hope you are all now well aware with blogging and now you can create a blog on WordPress or any other website. But if you want to share your own experience or you want to ask any further query relating to blogging, you can meet our comments section below of this passage.

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