Energy Crisis In Pakistan Essay In Urdu

Energy Crises are demolishing the backbone of our country. It is any bottleneck which directly or indirectly linked with energy resources to economy of a country. Pakistan is passing through the same circumstances that is why I made this topic energy crisis in Pakistan essay in Urdu. Energy has become the core of prosperity of a country with which a poor country can stable her without gaining aid from others. Energy Crisis has inverse relation with GDP of a country. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the primary wheel on which a body of a country stands. It tells how many product and services are being produced in a boundary line with in a specific time period and the value of all the products and services in dollars. Pakistan’s is not well structured and poorly managed. Several energy Crisis have been haunting the Pakistan since last many years. There are many reasons behind this rise in energy crises such as growing gap between demand and supply, energy insecurity and bulky load shading. Its roots hails from last few years when a sudden industrial revolution was occurred and sudden rise in energy demand became tension for energy suppliers. Due to lack of efficient management, today it is one of the biggest headaches for country.

Energy Crisis In Pakistan Essay In Urdu

Energy Crisis In Pakistan Essay In Urdu

Energy crisis are not a sudden disaster in Pakistan but cultivated in the result of negligence and poor management. Have we ever thought? How we moved from energy surplus (2001) to lack of energy (2006). Our government is not considering it a serious issue as we haven’t worked on resources through which we can produce energy. One of the cheapest ways to produce energy is hydro power stations. Unfortunately we have only 34 hydro power plants and producing energy through thermal power station, which are not only costly way but also destroying the natural resources wildly. It is also not meeting the demand of nation. Similarly there are bunch of reasons which have became the reason behind this terrified downfall and I have wrote these causes of energy crisis in Pakistan essay in Urdu.

Energy Crises Causes:

  1. Rise in Energy Demand
  2. Non-Utilization of Other energy sources
  3. Lack of Hydro Power Plants
  4. Lack of Planning

Rise in Energy Demand:

From last two or three decade a sudden industrial development took place in Pakistan. A large number of industries set in every year and these industries more energy to consume to produce product and service for the country in result to increase GDP of country. This sudden rise in energy demand has created the gap between demand and supply flow. Our government is not producing enough energy to keep balance in demand and supply of energy which led to energy crises in Pakistan. This disturbance in demand and supply is also the reason of price increase.

Non-Utilization of Other Energy Sources:

Pakistan is a developed country where number of natural sources is produced through which we can produce energy. But due to poor management we have not resources to use these sources. Our whole energy structure revolves around thermal plants and has few hydropower plants and few solar plants to produce energy. Energy can also be produced through other ways, like we can make energy through garbage, by creating more dams and by improving solar system.  Government should have to find many other ways through which we can produce energy and can save natural resources like cool, gas, patrol etc.

Lack of Hydro Power Plants:

Energy which can be produce through hydropower plants are cheaper than any other type of energy production not only in short run but also in long run too. There are only 34 hydro plants which are not enough to produce energy to fulfill the demand of energy. According to the Indus water treaty there are three big rivers were allotted to Pakistan. We can produce energy by making dams on these rivers and the water in these dams is enough to reduce energy cries from Pakistan. Due to personal interest and lack of awareness we are not considering this source of energy.

Lack of Planning:

Pakistan is surrounded with natural resources through which we can produce energy. Due to negligence and lack of planning we are not using these resources in a right way. Moreover we are producing energy and targeting those resources which prove beneficial in short term. We have to do proper planning and instruct energy producer to produce energy through those sources by keeping long term benefits in mind. Proper planning can help to produce more output by using little input.

Energy crisis have became the disaster which are disturbing social, agricultural, industrial and economical life. There are a number of factors which are directly and indirectly causing the energy crisis in Pakistan. These energy crisis are due to poor management, lack of planning and non utilization of other alternates. It can be control through awareness, little efforts and by shaping the management system of Pakistan. If energy can be enhanced, the country will become prosper.

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